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Toxic Leadership

Toxic leadership is a problem as old as the ages. It can cause irreparable damage to an organisation, its mission, its members and the wider community.

Masquerade Disco with mask making classes

Volunteer Stories – Masquerade Disco with mask making classes This ‘Masquerade Disco with mask making classes’ idea was submitted by...

Just One Thing Letter to Volunteers

The 'Just One Thing' Letter encourages families in your community to do their 'one thing', and provides a comprehensive list to offer choice as to what that contribution might be

‘Other’ ways to volunteer in fundraising

There are plenty of excuses for not volunteering your time in fundraising. Here are a couple of creative solutions that can help...

Movie Night Fundraiser

Cinemas will often allow private bookings for fundraising groups and allow a glass of champers or other refreshments to be served on arrival. You are then able to charge a flat ticket rate to earn some valuable fundraising dollars.

Team or Individual fundraising ideas for ‘Entry Fee’ fundraising

Solo or Individual fundraising ideas for ‘Entry Fee’ fundraising (aka Aunty Betty’s Salted Caramel Fudge) Here’s a real-life question I...

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