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The Practical Fundraising Handbook: for school and club volunteers

If you have ever left a committee meeting with a sense of deja vu because discussion about fundraising has gone...

Case Study: Banana State School

Banana State School’s successful fundraising drives At Banana State School, in central Queensland, the fundraising efforts are spearheaded by their hardworking...

Order your copy of the 2017 Fundraising Directory

The 2018 Fundraising Directory is available here. The Fundraising Directory is available as an online ebook as well as in...

The community op shop where everyone can share good things

Create an online op shop to raise funds for your school, group, charity or cause.

Last Man Standing Raffle

Here is a twist on a theme - where you have a captive audience for a limited period of time, consider a 'Last Man Standing' raffle for fundraising.

Tea towels as fundraisers

When household budgets are being tightened, successful fundraisers know to choose items for a product drive that are practical and...

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