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Sponsorship Proposal Template

Fundraising Sponsorship Proposal Debbie, one of our readers, spent a lot of time and effort getting this sponsorship proposal right and is...

Profiling Sponsors

Profiling sponsors is a creative way to connect them with your community - a simple idea for exposure to your community that provides a genuine connection.

Applying to be an IGA Community Chest beneficiary

You’ve no doubt heard about it or seen signs mentioning it, but to many people IGA’s Community Chest remains a bit of a mystery.

What is Crowd Fundraising?

How did a fundraising appeal to make an ordinary potato salad raise over $55,000? Simple – crowd fundraising : )  ...

Spoiling volunteers – find a strategic partner for your organisation

Rewarding Your Volunteers I heard a great idea a couple of weeks ago, and have been busting to share it...

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