These useful articles and downloads will help with your fundraising planning. For a comprehensive step-by-step practical guide to coming up with a strategy for your group, check out the Practical Fundraising Handbook for School and Club Volunteers.

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‘Background’ or Passive Fundraising

‘Background’ or Passive Fundraising What is passive fundraising? I call it background fundraising, others call them passive fundraising, and they involve...

‘Just One Thing’ Letter

The 'Just One Thing' Letter encourages families in your community to do their 'one thing', and provides a comprehensive list to offer choice as to what that contribution might be.

Back to School Series – Part 3 First Day of School

The first day of school Whether you’re a first timer or you’ve done it all before, the first day of...

Back to School Series – Part 2 School Welcome Pack

School Welcome Pack Knowing that you don’t want to overload families with too much information, we’re going to look at presentation...

Back to School Series – Part 1 The Basics

Yes, really, it’s time to start planning for Back to School… We are past the halfway mark in the year...

Overcoming Fundraiser Reluctance

What causes fundraiser reluctance? There are times when even the most committed fundraising committees lose their oomph and have fundraiser...

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