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Parent Talk October 2014

After any fundraising even there is tidy-up work to be done. A good practice is to take care of as much of your 'wrap up' work as possible before your event takes place. Read this edition of Parent Talk to find out more.

Parent Talk August 2014

There is no silver bullet in fundraising - no one answer that will make it effortless or straightforward. A number of factors all need to work together to create an effective fundraising plan.

Parent Talk | Succession Planning in Fundraising

Successful fundraising is simply not possible without a team of dedicated volunteers. This team, like any team, needs renewal in order to be sustainable.

ABC Radio Interview 6 August 2013

A book landed on my desk recently called The Practical Fundraising Handbook for School & Club Volunteers and I thought to myself ‘now, why didn’t this fall on my desk the last time I was on a committee and somebody had said “Can you organise the trivia night?”’

4BC Fundraising Interview

Australians donate a mind-boggling $580 million to charities, but getting their slice of the pie can be hard slog for small community groups, like schools and scout groups and church parishes. That’s why Brisbane’s Mandy Weidmann has written The Practical Fundraising Handbook to help out those smaller groups.

The Melbourne Times Weekly: Tempting Fetes

Working mums and dads might have great skills, but they also have less time. While there’s no doubt enduring friendships are forged in the coal-pits of sausage sizzles and craft stalls, there are still many parents who groan loud and long at the very thought of their school fete

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