Here are some examples where we’ve been featured in the media! For anybody in the media seeking comment from Australia’s Fundraising Whisperer about anything to do with school and club fundraising, please contact our office on 1300 653 305 or contact us here.

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Mamamia: How to not be a b!*# to volunteers.

Episode 1 of The Volunteer Diaries on Mamamia. The Volunteer Diaries, aka ‘How to Not be a B!*# to Volunteers’ is a parody on volunteering in schools and clubs.

Sunday Mail – A Twist of Fete

A champion of the school staple, Fundraising Whisperer Mandy Weidmann shares her tips for making a tidy profit.

Parent Teacher Association UK – Winter Edition 2015

In part two of PTA's 'perfect planning' series, the Fundraising Whisperer shares her advice for brainstorming ideas and mapping out a fundraising calendar.

Parents & Friends Associations 2015

The Parents and Friends Federation is the statewide parent organisation officially recognised by the Catholic Church and Catholic Education authorities for the 292 Catholic schools in Queensland. Read the Fundraising Whisperer's contribution!

P & C Voice: Retain Volunteers

In this edition of P & C Voice, the Fundraising Whisperer writes about retaining volunteers. Click here to read more!

Parent Talk July 2015

How can you do fundraising without chocolate? I am often asked about alternatives for chocolate fundraising. Click here for more ideas.

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