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What can I say? This is the home of Australia’s Fundraising Whisperer! Here are a collection of articles covering all things fundraising! I pride myself on being creative and generous with my knowledge, so please enjoy :-)

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Cake Stall Ideas

Bake Stalls, Cake Stalls, whatever you call them, are a popular fete staple.  They are often a good fundraiser too,...

The gif of Volunteering

We asked our Facebook followers to describe their volunteering experiences using only a gif. It was hilarious, and we are...

Celebrating Anniversaries and Milestones

Celebrating anniversaries and milestones is a constant in our everyday lives. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations, housewarmings, house leavings? (I’m sure...

Be careful with the money you already have

Be careful with your hard-earned fundraising money! When we are fundraising for a target, it can be easy to focus...

Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day Ideas Father’s Day already?!? But didn’t we just do Mother’s Day??? Well, yes we did, but in the...

10 tips for running a Father’s Day stall

Here are 10 Tips for running a fantastic Father's Day stall, including a 'secret gift guide' and a 'gift selection' wall!

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