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What can I say? This is the home of Australia’s Fundraising Whisperer! Here are a collection of articles covering all things fundraising! I pride myself on being creative and generous with my knowledge, so please enjoy :-)

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Run a Car Wash as an Event Extra

Run a car wash fundraiser  With busy schedules and sport filled weekends, finding time to wash the car these days...

Plan the ‘next’ fundraiser – learning from mistakes

The next fundraiser you run, whether it be a gala evening, a spellathon or a fete, adopt the mindset that you are actually planning the subsequent or following fundraiser.

Twilight Market Fundraiser

The phenomenon of twilight markets has nothing to do with sparkly teenage vampires and everything to do with community fundraising!

Fun Bell Friday – a wacky fundraising idea for your school

Fun Bell Friday Fun Bell Friday is a great activity for schools or sporting clubs that have a common full-time bell...

Running a Silent Disco

A Silent Disco equals, a school disco without the headache!

Sticky Fly / Duct Tape Fundraiser

More great fundraising ideas - our Sticky Fly / Duct Tape fundraiser will have everyone in stitches! Raise money with this hilarious idea!

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