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What can I say? This is the home of Australia’s Fundraising Whisperer! Here are a collection of articles covering all things fundraising! I pride myself on being creative and generous with my knowledge, so please enjoy :-)

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Alphabet Raffle

The Alphabet Raffle is a fundraising idea that can be used at events such as gala balls, trivia nights or even a fete. Each mini raffle has only 26 tickets - labelled A-Z.

Volunteering Doesn’t Make the World a Better Place – Comment

I would go so far as to say that the writer could not be more wrong. Volunteering is the ONE THING that is guaranteed to make the world a better place.

Spring Cleaning Your Fundraising Dream Team

The success of any school or community groups fundraising efforts will depend as much on the strength of the fundraising projects they run as it will on the strength of the individuals in charge of running them.

Graduation Gifts and Events for School Leavers

We take a look at heaps of momento and gift ideas as well as event options to help your school leavers celebrate their graduation.

2018 Fundraising Plan Of Attack

The more organised committees around Australia are already starting work on their fundraising plan for 2018.

Run a Car Wash as an Event Extra

Run a car wash fundraiser  With busy schedules and sport filled weekends, finding time to wash the car these days...

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