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What can I say? This is the home of Australia’s Fundraising Whisperer! Here are a collection of articles covering all things fundraising! I pride myself on being creative and generous with my knowledge, so please enjoy :-)

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Raffle Ticket Sales

We look at how to make the most of selling raffle tickets, and what will make shoppers want to stop and buy tickets from you!

Ideas for Silent Auction or Raffle Prize Hampers

This advice about themed gift hampers as auction/ raffle prizes was prompted by a reader questions about challenges with a silent auction. More to the point - sourcing prizes!

Profiling Sponsors

Profiling sponsors is a creative way to connect them with your community - a simple idea for exposure to your community that provides a genuine connection.

National Fete Research Project – Report

National Fete Research Project The biggest money earner at school fetes might come as a surprise, with the humble barbeque...

Pie in the face competition

This fundraising idea, here represented by a military group, can be incorporated into many different types of fundraising events, or used as a stand-alone fundraiser.

Class ‘wars’ to boost teacher supplies

Class ‘wars’ to boost teacher supplies We all know that teachers just don’t get paid enough. We also know that teachers...

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