Primary Schools

In Australia, fundraising in Primary Schools is the perfect storm! Parents are more willing to step up and be involved, and kids LOVE seeing their parents involved. There is nothing more motivating than the pride in the eyes of your child when they see you take an interest in their school life.

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Children’s artistic memories you can eat off

As parents, we love our children’s artwork: even the scribbliest is as precious as a Van Gogh. But those artistic...

Car Boot Sales in Fundraising

Here is Miss Fundraising's top ten tips for running a Car Boot Sales as a fundraiser!

Fundraising tip – Children’s role in fundraising

Involving children in fundraising efforts can teach some important realities about life. For example, children learn that things don’t ‘just...

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Fundraising Resources for Schools/Kindergartens

The Fundraising Directory is Australia’s #1 fundraising resource for schools, clubs and community groups. We are here to give your...

Mothers and Fathers Day Fundraising Stalls

Open publication – Free publishing – More fathers day

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