Primary Schools

In Australia, fundraising in Primary Schools is the perfect storm! Parents are more willing to step up and be involved, and kids LOVE seeing their parents involved. There is nothing more motivating than the pride in the eyes of your child when they see you take an interest in their school life.

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Talent Show Ideas – Fundraising

TALENT SHOW IDEAS: HIDDEN BONUS TIP (for our newsletter and facebook readers): Have 5 teachers/ coaches prepared to get up...

Human Hungry Hungry Hippo

Cool Fundraising Ideas Some of you may have seen the short video clip (it went viral) of the ‘human hungry...

Volunteer ‘Meet and Greet’

Best Fundraising – Plan Early! The best fundraising campaigns are often the result of good planning and strong volunteer involvement...

Crank up the Election BBQ

  How To Fundraise We all know that election days provide fundraising opportunities to those organisations lucky enough to host...

Perfect Storm for Raising Funds

Courier Mail. Fundraising expert, Mandy Weidmann, talks to Steve Nadin about her webiste and book resources to help schools, clubs and community groups raise money.

Car Wash Fundraising

Car Wash Fundraiser Washing the car can be a tedious chore for many Australian households, however holding a car wash...

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