Primary Schools

In Australia, fundraising in Primary Schools is the perfect storm! Parents are more willing to step up and be involved, and kids LOVE seeing their parents involved. There is nothing more motivating than the pride in the eyes of your child when they see you take an interest in their school life.

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Kids in Fundraising

Getting Kids involved in Fundraising Do not – even for a moment – think that involving children in fundraising is exploitative. It’s...

Showbag Drive Fundraiser

Running a ‘mini-show’ showbag fundraiser (using order forms) is a great alternative for kids to get a bit of the ‘flavour’ of the show without actually going along.

Fun Fundraising Ideas for Kids

  Fun fundraising Ideas for kids You won’t see any of these games at the next Olympics, but kids will...

Mothers Day Stall

 Mothers Day Stall Mothers Day Stall is very excited and proud to launch our brand new range of gifts and novelties for 2015....

Talent Show Fundraiser

The old fashioned talent quest has been given new life thanks to reality TV shows such as The Voice and Australia's Got Talent. Here are some talent show ideas for running your own:

Human Hungry Hungry Hippo

Cool Fundraising Ideas Some of you may have seen the short video clip (it went viral) of the ‘human hungry...

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