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Fundraising in Early Childhood

Congratulations! You have a child under five - you are now part of the wonderful world of early childhood learning and care.

Planning Your Fundraising Calendar

Ever wonder why some fundraising events seem to do really well, hold the exact same event the next year, and no one turns up?

Common problems for early child care: fundraising ideas for kindy, prep and child care

Fundraising with young kids is different from fundraising at any other time. In the last article, we covered some of the automatic advantages fundraisers have in early childhood (alot of it due to the cuteness factor).

Options for Kindy and Child Care Fundraising

What can I do for Kindy and Child Care Fundraising? Browse the Fundraising Directory and you’ll find 37 distinct categories...

SMART goals – setting fundraising goals you can achieve

Fundraising Goals you can achieve Effective fundraising needs goals. But not all goals are equal – you need goals you...

Kids in Fundraising

Getting Kids involved in Fundraising Do not – even for a moment – think that involving children in fundraising is exploitative. It’s...

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