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Fundraising for High Schools in Australia has its own set of unique challenges and opportunities! Take a look through these guides, browse the suppliers on our site and sign up to our free tips to help you on your way.

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How to Catch People’s Eye: Themed Fundraising

Themed fundraising (e.g. using the Tour de France) can be a great way to attract visitors to your event - click here for some great ideas.

High School Fundraising Guide

Welcome to the High School Fundraising Guide! After years of organising playdates and squeezing in time to be a part...

Planning Your Fundraising Calendar

Ever wonder why some fundraising events seem to do really well, hold the exact same event the next year, and no one turns up?

High School Fundraising Ideas

We’ve looked at common problems for fundraising with teenagers, now let’s talk about high school fundraising ideas that work really...

Running Successful High School Fundraisers: dealing with common problems

Parent–driven Fundraising Fundraising in High School brings its own unique set of problems. We’ve listed some common issues that pop up,...

SMART goals – setting fundraising goals you can achieve

Fundraising Goals you can achieve Effective fundraising needs goals. But not all goals are equal – you need goals you...

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