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Sporting Funds Grants and Sponsorship

 Other Funding Sources for Sports Clubs Don’t forget to check out the availability of grants to sporting clubs. They’re offered...

Sports Fundraising Issues

Common Sports Fundraising Issues Help! How do we get our message out to all teams? We train and compete at different...

Sports Club Fundraising Ideas

 Choosing Fundraisers to Suit Your Club Browse the Fundraising Directory and you’ll see 37 distinct categories of products offered for fundraising...

Sports Club Fundraising Guide

Welcome to the Fundraising Directory’s guide to Sports Club Fundraising. Sporting clubs and small community groups are like extended families:...

SMART goals – setting fundraising goals you can achieve

Fundraising Goals you can achieve Effective fundraising needs goals. But not all goals are equal – you need goals you...

Showbag Drive Fundraiser

Running a ‘mini-show’ showbag fundraiser (using order forms) is a great alternative for kids to get a bit of the ‘flavour’ of the show without actually going along.

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