Trivia Nights

Trivia nights are a staple in the fundraising calendar. Here we present a collection of articles and ideas to help organisers!

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Alphabet Raffle

The Alphabet Raffle is a fundraising idea that can be used at events such as gala balls, trivia nights or even a fete. Each mini raffle has only 26 tickets - labelled A-Z.

Trivia Night Activities: selling ‘cheats’

Trivia Night Activities: selling 'cheats'

What’s in the Sock – Fete or Trivia Game

Fun Stall Games Here’s a fun idea for a stall for a fete or an interval game for a trivia/ games...

A Trivia night could be the answer to school fundraising

How to host a Trivia Night Fundraiser A Trivia Night Fundraiser can be a challenge…. Alexandria Utting gives her tips...

Trivia night ‘filler activity’ idea #1: Spaghetti Tower

Here is an idea that can be used for 'filler activities' at fundraising trivia nights or gala events - the 'Spaghetti Tower'!

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