Trivia Nights

We hope these useful articles with trivia night ideas will help inspire and energise you! Trivia nights are a staple in the fundraising calendar and help to build a stronger, more engaged community. There are plenty of creative ways to make this possible!

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Envelope Fundraising

Envelope Fundraising is a very cost effective fundraising idea! For the price of a packet of envelopes, some thumb tacks and a bulletin board, you could easily pocket some handy cash.

The Jindalee State School P&C Games Night

I had the honour of having a very informative chat with Kara Leigh – the current Vice President of the...

Countdown to Build Momentum

Countdown to Build Momentum A countdown to a fundraising event is a great way to build momentum and interest. This...

Last Man Standing Raffle

Here is a twist on a theme - where you have a captive audience for a limited period of time, consider a 'Last Man Standing' raffle for fundraising.

Centrepieces to Raffle or Auction

Centrepieces to Raffle or Auction Centrepieces not only add some flair to an event, they can also provide an opportunity to...

Trivia Night Activities: selling cheats

Trivia Night Activities: selling 'cheats'

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