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We hope these useful articles will help you – they’re crowd faves, after all! Here we have some creative, out of the box suggestions for fundraising as well as building a stronger community.

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Class Canvas Auctions

Class Canvas Auctions: Timing is Everything Sometimes, instead of the ‘Fundraising Whisperer’, I think I’m better off being the ‘Fundraising Listener’....

How to Engage New Volunteers

I am a huge advocate of volunteering as a pathway to connecting with the people around you. As a big picture, it’s about community-building. On a personal level, it’s about making connections and friends. It’s about belonging. Some call it ‘friend-raising’ rather than fundraising.

Mamamia: How to not be a b!*# to volunteers.

Episode 1 of The Volunteer Diaries on Mamamia. The Volunteer Diaries, aka ‘How to Not be a B!*# to Volunteers’ is a parody on volunteering in schools and clubs.

Trivia Night Activities: selling ‘cheats’

Trivia Night Activities: selling 'cheats'

Cake Poems for Cake Stall Donations

Cake Poem for Cake Stall Donations Today’s tip is about creative ways to encourage your families to participate. I am...

What’s in the Sock – Fete or Trivia Game

Fun Stall Games Here’s a fun idea for a stall for a fete or an interval game for a trivia/ games...

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