Bright Pix Photography

Bright Pix Photography

EASY FUNDRAISING with FAMILY PORTRAITS For Schools, Clubs, Associations and Child Care


Raise $10 – $50 per participant

No cost to you. Everything you need is provided in a simple kit. You keep all fees and pay us nothing. Instead, we’ll give you a generous bonus.

Families are rewarded just for participating –   when they come to view their printed photos, families receive for free, the largest enlargement print mounted in the biggest, best, and Australian-made frame that’s provided by anyone for such fundraiser programs.

Most things are replaceable, but the stages of our lives soon slip away. The value of a family portrait by Bright Pix grows over the years. Family Photos are a popular way to raise funds. Everyone benefits!

You benefit  – Raise Hundreds of Dollars Easily

  • No outlay
  • Hassle free and minimal organising
  • Great commissions and bonus multipliers
  • No stock to sell, store, check & return, no teams of people to manage
  • Feel comfortable offering a worthwhile and enduring product..

Unlike some operators, Bright Pix does not use mini labs to cut costs. All printing is on 200-year archival quality paper by one of Australia’s leading professional labs.

With Bright Pix, you’ll always deal directly with one person, a highly experienced photographer/project manager. This ensures the flexibility, clear communications, and satisfying results only truly personal service can provide.