Bright Pix Photography

Bright Pix Photography

EASY FUNDRAISING with FAMILY PORTRAITS For Schools, Clubs, Associations, Child Care etc


Raise $10 – $50 per participant

No cost to you. Everything you need is provided in a simple kit. You keep all fees and give us nothing. Instead, we’ll give you a generous bonus.

Families are rewarded for participating – they receive a free framed enlargement, just for coming to view their photos with the largest and the best-framed enlargement print that’s provided by anyone for such fundraisers.

Most things are replaceable, but the stages of our lives soon slip away. The value of a family portrait by Bright Pix grows over the years. Family Photos are a popular way to raise funds. Everyone benefits!

You benefit  – Raise Hundreds of Dollars Easily

  • No outlay
  • Hassle free, minimal organising
  • Great commissions and bonus multipliers
  • No stock to sell, store, check & return, no teams of people to manage
  • Feel comfortable offering a Worthwhile and Enduring product..

Selection of borders and artwork to choose from, or customised at no charge

Your logo and colours included at no extra cost.

Blemish removal at no extra charge.

Care and pride taken with every print*

Highest quality at the best price, delivered in a faster time.

*Each and every print is given attention for optimal colour and brightness. (Unlike some operators, Bright Pix does not use mini labs to cut costs. All printing is done at one of Australia’s leading professional labs).

You’ll always deal directly with one person, an experienced photographer/project manager. This personal service ensures flexibility, clear communications and satisfying results.