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New South Wales Raffle Rules

NSW Raffle Rules Raffles are a time honoured and popular way to raise funds for your favourite cause. The regulations...

Masquerade Disco with mask making classes

Volunteer Stories – Masquerade Disco with mask making classes This ‘Masquerade Disco with mask making classes’ idea was submitted by...

25 All-Time Best Fundraising Ideas

Here we explore the 25 best fundraising ideas commonly run by Australian schools and club volunteers. A lot of these have stood the test of time!

Reducing Paper Waste – turning a challenge into an opportunity

The ‘brown paper bag’ ordering system has undergone some changes in recent years, which is probably not a bad thing - paper and liquid are not great friends! These changes have come from two forces: Stickybeaks reusable lunch bags, and the rise and rise of online ordering.

Easter Basket Fundraiser

Easter Basket Fundraiser School’s back, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to start planning your fundraising for the year...

Just One Thing Letter to Volunteers

The 'Just One Thing' Letter encourages families in your community to do their 'one thing', and provides a comprehensive list to offer choice as to what that contribution might be