Everybody loves a birthday celebration. I was going to say especially kids, but then I remembered that my hubby will take any chance he can get to turn his birth ‘day’ into some sort of week-long birthday festival! So, let’s just run with everybody 😉 It’s our special day where people give us gifts, wish us well and generally make a fuss of us.

Here’s an idea that can boost your committee’s bank account and make the birthday girl or boy feel extra special:

Birthday messages!

Essentially this involves having parents/grandparents or families sponsoring a birthday ‘package’ for their child and it’s a pretty easy one to organise. By offering different packages at varying costs you’ll also gain a wider audience. If you’re worried that there may be families who might not be able to participate, talk to your school chaplain or teaching staff. They are normally across this kind of thing and in certain cases, your committee might even ‘sponsor’ a birthday package to ensure that all kids can have a special birthday.

What you offer in your packages and your price points will probably vary from school to school and to make things even easier ask the school if bookings for birthday packages can be made through your schools online purchasing portal (eg. Flexischools) but let’s look at what different packages might include and suggested pricing:

Package 1

  • Student’s name (first name only) on your school notice board for the day (Happy birthday _________!)
  • Suggested cost: $2

Package 2

  • Above plus 2 lines of text in the next school newsletter
  • Suggested cost: $5

Package 3

  • All of the above PLUS birthday announcement on next school assembly and whole of class rendition of ‘Happy birthday’.
  • Suggested cost: $10

Package 4

  • All of the above PLUS decoration of the student’s desk/locker/classroom door
  • Suggested cost: $15

Package 5

  • All of the above PLUS ‘Get out of homework for a week’ card
  • Suggested cost: $20

Package 6

  • All of the above PLUS a cake/cupcakes to share with the class
  • Suggested cost: $35

Remember this is just a suggestion and you can add, take away or change it to suit your school. It’s also not going to raise thousands of dollars, but every little bit helps and you’ll make someone’s day.

There will, of course, be a few other important details that you’ll need, and to save you some time, I’ve put together a template which you can edit. You’re welcome! ☺ As with all of our free resources (the collection is growing as we speak!) it lives in the VIP Portal, which is free to join. The direct link to the template is here, but it will only work once you are logged in to the portal. To join, click here.

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