Bakers Delight

Finish off the year with some extra dough!


Now is the time to start organising your Christmas fundraising activity, so why not raise money and enjoy our mouth-watering Lemon and Fruit Mince Tarts at the same time!

We’re proud of the way we bake bread and we are proud to be immersed in our local community each and every day. When it comes to fundraising we know that simple is best, that’s why we’ve baked up an easy to implement fundraising system:

  1. Order – We supply your school with simple order forms
  2. Eat – Enjoy our freshly baked goods delivered directly to your school
  3. Earn – A percentage of your sales are returned back to your school

We’ve made fundraising easy, but also super yummy too!

We are famous for our delicious Hot Cross Bun and Christmas Tart Drives, however, did you know we’ve got other options available for you all year round?

Try a “Pizza My Heart” or a “Scone Be A Treat” drive!

Find out more about fundraising with Bakers Delight, plus what else we can do for you today!