Award Winners

2020 Fundraising Awards

Congratulations to the winners in the 2020 Fundraising Awards!

The judges were extremely impressed with the calibre of entry so all nominees, finalists and winners can feel very proud of their achievements. And the winners are……

Fundraising Company of the Year 2020

School Fun Run

Established in 1987, School Fun-Run is a health-based fundraiser for any Australian school. There are no upfront costs or financial risks. Full support is provided. It supports school curriculum and can be linked to existing activities like School Cross Countries. There are no products to buy-and-sell. Funding comes in online, which removes the financial burden from local catchment areas while opening new revenue streams for schools in remote, regional, or low socio-economic areas.

For example, Gladstone Primary School in remote South Australia has just 60 students and set a goal of $2,000 based on their fundraising history. They raised $9,881 with their 2020 School Fun Run. During COVID-19, we twice broke the Australian record for the most amount raised in a single School Fun-Run. Lindfield Public School raised $91,858. Milton Public School then raised $114,058; the first school over $100,000 in a single School Fun-Run. Leading into 2020, our previous top two schools were St Patrick’s College Strathfield who raised $91,743 with 360 students and Avalon Public School who raised $90,043 to replace their Fete. Over the last 12 months, our top 100 events averaged $34,354 each. Our top 10 averaged $62,463. During COVID-19 our schools are averaging $15,822 per event.

People’s Choice Award 2020


Pictureproducts was established in 1977 with a unique proposition—children’s artworks turned into durable, practical, beautiful melamine dinner plates, sold through Australian schools and ELCs to help them raise needed funds.

Now in the second generation of family ownership, we continue to lead the field we pioneered, proudly producing plates and other useful products for nearly 100,000 Australian children every year. We are best known for quality of both product and service, with an exceptional 40-year guarantee on the melamine plate, and for maintaining positive fundraising relationships with our customers for decades

We’ve continued to improve our offering every year, with a comprehensive online portal and real-time notifications to keep organisers informed and empowered. With over 3 million Pictureplates sold in Australia, our products remain treasured keepsakes in hundreds of thousands of Aussie households, whether they’re used every day or stored away as a memory of childhood.

Customer Service Award 2020


Expressions specialises in printed tea towels, aprons, and bags, the most popular featuring children’s hand-drawn portraits. The children’s artwork is compiled to create gorgeous mementos of childhood friends and teachers, providing a much-loved fundraising option – like a yearbook on a tea towel. The business provides high quality, ethically sourced products, designed, printed, and shipped in Australia. We have worked on over 21,000 fundraising projects, growing annually since 1999.

We work with over 1000 schools, hundreds of childcare centres, and grassroots community organisations annually, averaging 4 fundraisers for every day of the year, which I think is amazing. Our aim is everyone involved enjoys the project and is left with a treasured memento. It’s easy to run, everything’s supplied, and everybody loves them! After two decades of happy customers, we’re incredibly proud to have helped thousands of organisations, from tiny remote communities to big-city schools raise millions of dollars.

Our products have become a tradition and can be found in kitchens and keepsake boxes in every corner of Australia and around the world. We’ve created a circle of happiness – memories made, dollars raised, proud children, delighted parents, a healthy business, and returning customers – everyone wins with Expressions!

We love what we do and take pride in all we do, ensuring client satisfaction, referrals and repeat customers. Funds raised, proud children, delighted clients, a lasting business – everyone wins!

Best New Fundraiser Award 2020

Go Raise It

Go Raise It is revolutionising the way Schools & Clubs raise funds. Every day we are helping schools & clubs take the headache out of fundraising online and all with no upfront costs and no risk to the school/club. All our campaigns come with a custom-built website, a Go Raise It Campaign Manager to support you for your entire campaign, communications material, event promotion plans, and website support for your fundraisers/donors while your campaign is running.

Our “Get Active” Event campaigns allow you to run any type of event where your students collect sponsorship for the event. It could be anything: SCHOOL FUN RUN, COLOUR RUN, MUD RUN, BIKE-A-THON, SPELL-A-THON – you name it! Your students/members get their own event fundraising pages where they can collect their sponsorship.

Their totals are added to your leader board allowing you to incentivise them to raise more. Our Product Sale campaigns allow you to sell anything you like as a fundraising product – we even have our own products. We will build a custom sales website with your branding for your product sale fundraiser. No cash to collect and all orders are managed for you to distribute at the end of your campaign.

Best Eco-Friendly Award 2020


Providing a sustainable alternative to the traditional fundraising model of bake sales and chocolate drives, Onya Fundraising is a great opportunity for your contributors to support your cause by purchasing products that are environmentally friendly, high quality, useful, and actively contribute to reducing single-use plastic.

We understand that fundraising can be stressful but with Onya, we have simplified the process to make it as easy for organisers as possible. With generous margins up to 40% available and with a choice of 3 different fundraising models on offer, you can be as hands-off or involved in your fundraiser as you like!

We support you each step of the way and even provide pre-designed posts for social media or email to help you spread the word about your sustainable fundraiser.