Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners in the 2019 Fundraising Awards!

The judges were extremely impressed with the calibre of entry so all nominees, finalists and winners can feel very proud of their achievements. And the winners are……

Fundraising Company of the Year 2019

The Fundraising Group

The Fundraising Group

Established in 1987, The Fundraising Group is a family owned company. We offer the School Fun-Run; a health -based fundraiser across Australia and New Zealand. 396,224 students and members from 1,035 schools and clubs partnered with us last year; they raised $12.74 million. Our mission is to provide wellness for families, ease-of-use for teaching staff and great profits for schools.

School Fun-Run is a major fundraiser, in the last year, our top 100 schools averaged $34,117 each and our top 10 schools have averaged $62,015.09 the highest raising over $90,000 in a single event. Since winning FCOY in 2016, our average per school has risen by 136%, to currently sit at $12,311.

People’s Choice Award 2019

School Ponytails

School Ponytails

School Ponytails supplies shoppers, schools, and clubs around Australia with uniform coloured hair accessories and sports products. We return 25% of the revenue to stockist and fundraising schools when their community shops bows, clips, headbands, as well as pom poms, coloured hair sprays and other fun items for events like Sports Day. These items are sold in school or club uniform shops, through affiliate links on our online store, or via printed order forms.

Our low risk and no cost fundraiser is suited to all schools and clubs nationally. Our products complement school and sports uniform offers, and provide an extra boost of team spirit to events.

With a passive fundraiser such as this, it’s simple to earn extra dollars with minimal effort. We leverage the existing activities of the school/club and help them maximise their earning potential. We do this with marketing support, including “done for you” social media posts, copy for newsletters, and posters, as well as a comprehensive Promotions Guide.

The online store makes purchasing simple for buyers, with AfterPay and PayPal being popular options. School Ponytails’ passive, “set and forget” fundraising opportunity makes it easy to earn profits from uniform basics.

Customer Service Award 2019



Expressions specialise in printed tea towels, aprons and bags, designed and printed using children’s drawings, self-portraits or handprints. These childhood keepsakes are then offered to loved ones, capturing special memories and raising valuable dollars.

We are celebrating 20 years in 2019 and throughout the years have completed over 20,000 fundraising projects. We average 25 unique runs weekly, that’s over 6 fundraisers for every school day of the year!

After two decades of happy customers, we’re incredibly proud to have helped thousands of schools and community organisations raise over $12 million dollars. From tiny remote communities to big city schools, our products have become a tradition and can be found in kitchens and keepsake boxes in every corner of Australia and around the world. Our products bring a bespoke easy solution to vital community fundraising. Providing a creative, personal, profitable, sugar-free option.

We appreciate volunteers and commit to our promise – easy to run, everything is supplied, and everybody loves them! Our aim is everyone involved enjoys the project and is left with a treasured memento.

We love what we do and take pride in all we do, ensuring client satisfaction, referrals and repeat customers. Funds raised, proud children, delighted clients, a lasting business – everyone wins!

Best New Fundraiser Award 2019

Party Higher

Party Higher

Party Higher are the Silent Disco specialists, we create over 1000 events each year both nationally and internationally. We work with your School or organization to create the perfect fundraising event that is FUN, entertaining and engaging, using our wireless headphone technology. A Silent Disco utilises high quality LED wireless headphones which light up according to the music channel you are on. There are so many benefits of having a Silent Disco for your event:

  • Up to three channels of different music will mean three times more people dancing and three times the FUN!!!
  • You have the option of a professional facilitator on one channel who will play party games and keep the children entertained for the duration of the event.
  • More social than a normal disco; to talk just take of headphones and talk without having to yell.
  • Better than karaoke: everyone sings as loud as they want without annoying others with their bad singing, (take off your headsets and hear others singing and humming – you will laugh your head off!)

All of our services come with a 100 percent money back FUN guarantee.

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