Appoint a fete treasurer

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Appoint a Fete Treasurer

Money isn’t just about the cash handed over at the cake stand on the day of the fete — it will be coming and going for months before the event; afterwards as well. Accurate financial records are essential. Your fete treasurer — or financial controller — will be great with numbers and ideally have experience in accounting or bookkeeping.
These three strategic positions (Fete Convenor, Fete Secretary & Fete Treasurer) form the nucleus of your fete
sub-committee, supported by parents and friends who volunteer to oversee all other aspects of the event, including:

Fetes have so many independent components yet there’s good reason to pool resources in some key areas. For example, good businesses know about economy of scale purchasing. Take a leaf out of the corporate book and appoint a purchasing officer: someone who can source items required in bulk (when a number of stalls’ needs are added up). Think in terms of items like disposable table cloths, bunting, napkins, plates, cups and packaging. Bulk orders can attract significant discounts. Likewise, coordinating hire of equipment through one person not only
streamlines the process but can reap savings too.
Another key appointment is the publicity officer: someone who ensures an accurate, clear, attention-grabbing message is spread throughout the school community and beyond —including local media.
You might even consider appointing a volunteer coordinator to assist stallholders with the recruitment and time-tabling of helpers. With so many players involved right from the start, good communication is critical.

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