Appoint a fete committee

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Appoint a Fete Committee

A fete is usually ‘the big event’ on a fundraising calendar and its complexity demands a committee all of its own. Yes, the school P&C/ P&F/ School Council is a good source of assistance and advice, but don’t limit your selection pool: you are looking for the most enthusiastic, motivated, creative and organised volunteers available to steer the fete committee. Select your key committee members well and the workload will be distributed evenly, there’ll be less volunteer stress and tears of joy (rather than hopelessness) when the big day arrives!

The selection criteria

Fete Convenor (Chief Event Organiser – CEO)
This person carries overall responsibility for the event, without the pay incentive! The fete convenor is a ‘big picture’ person who can:

  • chair all committee meetings
  • liaise with stall holders, the school principal, teachers and
    the P&C
  • mediate disputes (and yes, they will happen).

The fete convenor needs time and energy to tackle this job.
Alternatively, it can be job-shared by two or three people who work well and closely together.
If I can walk away from of all this with friends intact, I’ll be a happy person.
Karen, successful fete convenor for five years

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