Is there an app to make phone-friendly newsletters?

Reader question:

Do you think most people read newsletters on their phones now? I’ve just realised that I haven’t been reading our school weekly newsletter like I used to. I just swipe up through it fast now. Our format hasn’t been changed for 15 years.  My question to you – Is there an app to make phone-friendly newsletters?


Here are some ideas from our Facebook community for phone-friendly newsletter programs:

Mailchimp was the most popular response with these comments:

  • Try Mailchimp.. easy and free to use, looks amazing.
  • We use mail chimp! Free for distribution lists up to 1000 names. Drag and drop, easy to use. Compressed files are not huge and work on most platforms. You can even tailor newsletters with their child’s name in places etc. I did it for 2.5years
  • Here’s some advice from a reader on how to avoid spam folders:
  1. Ask them to add your email address that you are sending from into their contacts.
  2. Avoid using hotmail, gmail or other types of addresses. Sometimes the school can issue you a PA address on their server which means it has higher credibility in spam algorithms.
  3. (And this fixes most) if you create fields for one or more of the parents names or call them “The Smith Family… you can use the merge field place holder after say Dear <FamilyName> and it will populate it with their name (don’t use the email address as you will be in the junk mail) and that will help with most.
  • Check the MailChimp help pages as they have loads of tips


These readers agreed that a PDF is not phone-friendly:

  • Love mail chimp. Our school still does theirs via pdf and I’ve been trying to swap them. I can’t be bothered reading in PDF format
  • I think it’s hard to read small writing set up as a print A4 format.


Here are some other newsletter programmes recommended by other readers:

  • Our school uses the skoolbag app and the school does a printed version too for those who want a copy.
  • We use Skoolbag for notifications and they have just introduced SZapp for newsletters and it’s awesome. It has photos and everything.
  • Our school also uses an app called skoolbag. It’s good to send out a notice or a reminder about individual items as well as viewing the newsletter. We can also fill forms through the app.
  • We use schoolzine
  • We’ve moved from email to Skoolbag app to Sentral app, but I agree if it’s all in pdf and you have to zoom to read it.


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