Does anyone have paid advertising on their school fence?

Reader question:

Does anyone have paid advertising on their school fence? We are on a busy road and could use this space easily. Just wondered what you included in your packages and what you charged & for how long?

Here are some insights from our Facebook community about their experiences with school fence advertising:

  • Our P&C use the fence advertising as fundraising. We bill advertisers for 3 months for just over $200. To be paid in advance and they supply their own signs which have to be made with aluminum composite. They each have a signed contract that the principal has to sign off on.
  • The price would depend on just how busy the road is and if you are going to offer newsletter advertising as part of the package.
  • There are rules to that need to be adhered to for DoE. I know we have a size limit due to the fact it can be a distraction to drivers.
  • I think this will depend on the state you are in and the type of school you are at. The education department has rules in place regarding his type of thing. Best check with your school/state education dept. regarding this.
  • We Offer this to our Platinum sponsor as part of our spring fair. 2 weeks prior + 2 week post. We don’t have advertising up at any other time.
  • The money we raise from ours goes to aircon!

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Originally published 6 August, 2018

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