A Day in the Life of Stephen from Surveys for fundraising

Welcome to Stephen from Surveys for fundraising! We’re delighted to have this opportunity to get to know you and your business better!

Please give us a brief description of your product
Surveys for Fundraising connects members and friends of clubs and schools to paid surveys from legitimate businesses, government bodies and universities so the money earnt is pooled and returned to the club or school. As we know there are hundreds of ways parents can contribute to fundraising by spending money, this is one way they can donate by contributing a little of their downtime. For example, they could turn the time spent waiting for a bus into a small donation to the club of their choice. While each survey could earn $1 to $5 dollars, combining the earnings of different members could make a significant contribution to a club. If 20 members took only a few minutes a week to complete 1 survey they could easily raise over a $1, 000 for their club for general funds or a specific project. Including more members or if members complete more surveys would raise this amount even more.

What made you get into this business?
For most of my working life, I have worked in research for large companies like AGL and Telstra before becoming a consultant and helping all sorts of companies understand their customers. Last year I was working on a project where I was distributing around $4,000 at the end of each month to participants. At the very same time, my son’s school and singing clubs were reaching out for funds. Now as much as I like chocolate, and I know how important fundraising is to keep the clubs going, it just seemed a bit much. I thought how great it would be if I could find a way to connect the money I was paying out for people’s time and opinions to the clubs they want to support. If I could, then everyone would be a winner.

What’s the first thing you do when you start your workday at Surveys for fundraising
Mostly my days center around the research projects of my clients, so when I was designing and testing Surveys for Fundraising I wanted to build a system that was automatic and didn’t need a lot of day to day management. I wanted this to be true for me, but also true for club volunteers, as we all lead busy lives. What has taken up most of my time with developing this offer is to deliver all the important elements so people and clubs can participate in a safe and enjoyable way.
Firstly, for a club who chooses to participate, they need only nominate an official person for us to deal with for when we are paying over the earnings, or when questions arise. The program itself connects members to the surveys, keeps track of the funds they earn and distributes the funds back to the club.
For members, there is an automatic sign-on page, which will connect them to as many (or as few) survey invites as they wish. This platform also securely retains any personal information shared and as per research best practice, any personal details they share are 100% secure. Their personal details are never passed on to any third parties, including those conducting the surveys; just as the answers

If a volunteers were to phone in asking for advice on how to run a Surveys for fundraising fundraiser, what is the number one thing you would tell them?
Every dollar earnt through our program is passed on in full to the clubs involved. The beauty of this program is that when pooled these dollars soon add up and can make a significant contribution to your club. So I would say to club volunteers let your members know that every survey counts, so if you are waiting around with nothing to do why not fill in a survey or two to pass the time? Anything you do, no matter how little will add to the pool of funds available to help the clubs that are so important in our, and our children’s lives. You would be surprised how many of these surveys can actually be interesting and fun to complete, even the less interesting ones will help pass the time (and they usually earn more).

What do you enjoy most about working with the community?
I am really looking forward to providing a source of income to those clubs that struggle to raise funds in traditional ways. If Surveys for Fundraising can help clubs in rural areas achieve their goals then I will really feel the hard work to get us to this stage was worthwhile.

What is your vision for the future of Surveys for fundraising
As a parent and a club volunteer myself, I know just how hard it is to keep a club up and running when there are so many other distractions attracting our kids. Currently, my main aim is to just move from the start-up stage into a sustainable source of income for clubs. Each year the research industry is paying out millions of dollars in incentives, I hope to share a small portion of that money to support our children through their clubs and schools.

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