A Day in the Life of Danni from FUN-raising Gifts

Welcome to Danni from FUN-raising Gifts! We’re delighted to have this opportunity to get to know you and your business better!

Please give us a brief description of your product

FUN-raising Gifts offers ready-to-sell fun packs full of novel gifts and stationery lines that are useful for day to day activities including in the classroom, office or home. Many of our products are very tactile and can assist in sensory development skills. We offer a wide range of pens, keyrings, stationery and gifts to suit people of all ages! Our products are fun, colourful and at the perfect sell point for carry box sales, fete stands and other fundraising activities. Our products are suitable for a diverse range of fundraising strategies. Our products provide up to a 100% profit return and your investment is almost risk free with our guaranteed Buy Back policy for any unsold stock! Everybox is different so your fundraising strategy will always be fresh! FUN-raising Gifts is easy, unique and really is a fun way to fundraise!

What made you get into this business?

Growing up I’ve been involved in fundraising activities for school and sporting clubs and most of them involved selling chocolates to raise money for whatever project we had undertaken. We sold chocolates because it was easy and convenient but I found it really frustrating that there didn’t seem to be many viable alternatives to junk food. We were also well aware of the healthier lifestyle trend and initiatives permeating through our community and realised that there was a strong need for healthier fundraising alternatives. We thought it was the ideal time to introduce a range of merchandise that had heaps of impulse appeal but didn’t add inches to your waistline!

This was the catalyst for the beginning of FUN-raising Gifts! We set about creating a brand and product range that was FUN, appealing and easy to sell! FUN-raising Gifts offers ready-to-sell fundraising packs with materials that make the fundraising coordinators job a dream! We think it is much more satisfying and rewarding selling merchandise that is both fun and practical while also aligning more closely with present-day community goals and values.

What’s the first thing you do when you start your workday at FUN-raising Gifts?

The first thing I do in my day at FUN-raising Gifts is respond to any inbox enquiries! Being a brand new exciting venture, we often have questions and enquiries which I absolutely love responding too! My main goal is to make fundraising as fun and easy for everyone, so I really look forward to when people reach out and I can help them!

If volunteers were to phone in asking for advice on how to run a fundraiser, what is the number one thing you would tell them?

Don’t sell your campaign short! We offer BUY BACK meaning we will buy anything you don’t sell through your chosen fundraising avenue. We want to see your campaign maximise its fundraising so to help you achieve that we have removed most of the risk and financial burden of being left with unsold merchandise. Combine this with the fact we are offering products at genuine wholesale prices means you have the opportunity to enjoy a much higher profit margin than many other fundraising alternatives! It’s pretty exciting as even at 100% return, most products are still under the recommended retail price – so they really represent great value for money for your customers! We are more than happy to offer advice on specific selling points to ensure they align with your campaign strategy and objectives!

What do you enjoy most about working with the community?

It is so rewarding to see the results and positive impact fundraising can have on the community and what we love the most is that we are offering a fresh alternative to traditional fundraising options. Having been involved in numerous fundraising causes myself I know how much work and effort is involved and we get genuine pleasure in seeing a campaign succeed. Every fundraising cause is special and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with the local communities and see them achieve their fundraising goals!

What is your vision for the future of FUN-raising Gifts?

As an Australian owned family business, our vision is to assist schools, clubs and other groups achieve their fundraising objectives by offering quality merchandise that closely aligns with contemporary community goals and values. We will work closely with local communities to regularly introduce new product ranges that reflect market needs and trends to ensure there is always something fresh and exciting for their next fundraising campaign. We want to make raising money rewarding, exciting and fun for all participants and we will do everything within our power to maximise the success of our customers’ fundraising activities!

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