40 years. 3 million smiles.
Let’s make your next fundraiser the best one yet.


  • Are these the same plates I made when I was a child?
    Yes they are! Since we started in 1977 we’ve put smiles on the faces of more than 3 million children in Australia. These days, kids can add paintings and photos as well. Everyone loves Pictureplates – parents and teachers all over Australia have voted us winner of the People’s Choice Award for two years running.
  • How do you help me fundraise?
    With 40 years experience in fundraising, we are there to help at every step, from pitching to the committee, through promoting and organising the project, to when you’re handing out the finished Pictureproducts to happy children and parents.We supply a free promotional toolkit to help you sell through paper, email or social media. Let us save you time by taking parent orders and payments for you. And you’re always in control with online order management. It’s not quite set-and-forget, but it’s simple to run, we’re always there to assist, and the reward speaks for itself.
  • What makes you different?
    We want Pictureplates to be used and loved for a lifetime, so we make them to be super durable. They’re hard-wearing, dishwasher-proof and backed by our 40 year quality guarantee. What you may not know is that we’re a leader in sustainable manufacturing. Our plates are healthier than chocolate, made right here in Australia using solar power, and because they outlast cheap plastic or china plates by decades, they’re good for people and good for the environment. It’s the only fundraiser that children will treasure for life.
  • How do we get more info?
    Want to find out more? For a free Starter Kit and a sample Pictureplate just contact us via this form, give us a call, or catch us on Facebook. We’ll work with you to make Pictureproducts the highlight of your fundraising calendar.


Crystal 14th November 2016

This was my first time fundraising at my new centre. We chose Picture products because after talking with our families I discovered that many of the parents, like myself had done picture plates at some time during their childhood and wished to make it a tradition with their children. The process of payment and ordering was easy and stress free. Most importantly everyone is very happy with the finished products.

Alicia 24th November 2015

This was my first year as fundraising co-ordinator for my daughters kindergarten and my first experience with Pictureproducts, and what an amazing experience it was. Customer service was absolutely fantastic and had an answer for every question I had. The whole process is so well explained and so easy to follow it made completing this fundraiser such a pleasure. Even down to receiving the order, the products are so easy to handout with names already attached ready to go, not to mention their products are fantastic quality. Thank you so much Pictureproducts for such a great fundraiser and supplying our children with their kindy memories. I highly recommend going through Pictureproducts for your next fundraiser.