Joyland Amusements

Joyland Amusements

Joyland Amusements – or simply ‘Joylands’ – is a full-service carnival company and family operated for almost 60 years.

We operate School Fetes, Festivals and Shows (as well as Christmas parties and corporate events).

Biggest Fundraisers

The School Fete is usually one of the biggest fundraisers of the year and a lot of hard work and effort go into its planning – from the P&F Committee to staff and students. Joylands operates hundreds of school fetes throughout the year and it has been part of our core business for over 20 years.

Our main aim is to take the stress out of organising the amusement side.

Our profit share schemes are easy and simple to follow. – Contact us to find out more!

What We Do

Joyland Amusements operates rides, games and ‘fun’ food:


Joyland Amusements operates a wide range of rides and caters for all age groups:

  • Children Rides – such as Nemo Castle, Flying Elephants, Mini Ferris Wheel and many more
  • Family Rides – Jurassic Coaster, Mini Pirate Ship, Nostalgic Carousel and many more
  • Thrill Rides – Dodgem Cars, Power Surge, Round Up and many more


Joyland Amusements also offer a wide range of side games, such as:

  • Laughing Clowns
  • Bucket Ball
  • Catch a Duck
  • Bash a Bully

‘Fun’ Food:

What would a School Fete or Festival be without ‘fun’ food, such as:

  • Fairy Floss
  • Popcorn
  • Snowcones
  • Canteens – large and small

Contact us and find out how our profit share schemes will help you raising money with your fete, festival or event by clicking on the ‘Request Information‘ button or visit our website.