2017 Fundraising Company of the Year: The Fundraising Group

Congratulations to The Fundraising Group – winner of the 2017 Fundraising Company of the Year Award!

About The Fundraising Group:

Established in 1987, The Fundraising Group is a family owned company. We offer the School Fun-Run; a health -based fundraiser across Australia and New Zealand. 310,257 students and members from 1,032 schools and clubs partnered with us last year; they raised $5.51 million. Our mission is to provide wellness for families, ease-of-use for teaching staff and great profits for schools.

School Fun-Run is a major fundraiser, in the last 18 months, our top 100 schools averaged $22,467 each. Year to date, our top 10 schools have averaged $35,480 per fundraiser; the highest raising over $70,000 in a single event. In 2017 our average per event has risen by around 25% from last year to sit at $7,383 per fundraiser.

We offer full support fundraising; printed material and personal help. Our ‘fundraising coaches’ have small caseloads allowing them to service our clients to the highest standard. Our team contains 7 full-time staff and 5 part-timers.

The School Fun-Run is Risk-Free; 100% self-funding with zero upfront costs. It ties directly into school curriculum and can be linked to existing activities such as Cross Countries. The Fun-Run is hassle free with nothing for schools to buy and nothing for families to sell.

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