2017 Best Eco Friendly Fundraiser – Pictureproducts

About Pictureproducts:

Pictureproducts was established in 1977 with a unique proposition—children’s artworks turned into durable, practical melamine dinner plates, sold through Australian schools and sporting clubs to help them raise needed funds. Now in the second generation of family ownership, we continue to lead the field they pioneered, proudly producing plates and other useful products for nearly 100,000 Australian children every year.

We are best known for quality of both product and service, with an exceptional 40 year guarantee on the melamine plate, and for maintaining positive fundraising relationships with their customers for decades.

Eco-Friendly Offering:

We manufacture our plastic products locally from raw materials and sell direct to customers. In
contrast to companies which produce overseas, this gives us the freedom to audit and affect our
impact on the environment, from the beginning of our supply chain, through manufacture, right to the customer.

Starting with our supply chain: 74% of our supplier spend goes to companies with environmental
management policies – over 80% of these are ISO 14001-certified. 77% of our spend goes to local
Australian companies.

In manufacture: last year we managed to reduce our energy consumption by 37% despite a 24%
increase in sales. More than a third of our electricity comes from our solar arrays. The filler in our
melamine compound is wood-based and sourced from Finland, Sweden and the USA.

To the customer: re-use uses less energy than recycling. Our melamine plate is so durable, it can
be used again and again for decades.

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