2016 Fundraising Company of the Year – The Fundraising Group

Congratulations to The Fundraising Group – winner of the 2016 Fundraising Company of the Year Award!

About The Fundraising Group:

Established in 1987, The Fundraising Group is a family owned company. They offer sponsorship-based fundraisers across Australia and New Zealand. 306,176 students and members from 1,012 schools and clubs partnered with them last year; they raised $4.24M.

In the first half of this year, their top 10 schools raised $281,688 at an average just under $30,000 per fundraiser; the highest raised $44,354.

They offer full support fundraising services; both printed material and personal help. Their ‘fundraising coaches’ have small caseloads which allows them to service their clients to the highest standard. Their team contains 9 full-time staff and 3 part-timers.

Educators and families are encouraging children to become healthier and improve general wellness. Their two fundraisers which honour these philosophies:

  • School Fun-Run – healthy body
  • School Read-A-Thon – healthy mind

Their fundraisers are 100% self-funding with zero upfront costs. They tie directly into school curriculum and can be linked to existing school activities such as Cross Countries and Literacy Week. 

The Fundraising Group mission is to provide wellness for school families, ease-of-use for teaching staff and great profit for schools.

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