Did you know that 1 in 5 Australian kids aren’t getting enough exercise?

How can fundraising help that?

  • Are you sick of fundraisers that are selling unhealthy products?
  • Do you want a fresh new idea that hasn’t been (over) done for many years?
  • A product that isn’t available anywhere else?
  • Want good profit margin?

Imagine fundraising with a product that grabs kids attention and is easy to sell. It’s a product that the whole family can enjoy and that people love to give as gifts.

The good news is that our kites do all of these things. Our products get kids and families outside and provide the opportunity to spend time together. And all parents want to buy a product that does that!

We have a range of 6 kites which are suitable for all of the family. Colourful and bright designs that fly like a dream.

Our kites are flown easily by anyone from 2 years of age. They are good quality (any problems and we will replace them!) and will last for many years. We have a great profit margin and provide an easy ordering pack for you.

Kites are despatched within 2 weeks of your order (and usually much earlier!).

“Our favourites were definitely the mermaid and dragon kites – we got them so high you could barely see them anymore, and the dragon kite must be a little magical because it kept flying fiercely even as we wound it in. It refused to let us pack it away.”

Perfect for an order drive or for a stall at a fete!

So, if you are ready to bring this wonderful fundraising idea to your school/club and not for profit, visit our website now and request your information pack.

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