Designer Kids Cushion Covers

  • A new and exciting way to raise money for your School, Kindergarten, Child Care Centre, Play Group, or Club.
  • Cheaper for parents and more money in your fundraiser. 
  • NO special paper needed!
  • Kids simply draw on plain paper, and we digitally print it on a cushion cover.
  • Cushion covers are colour fast and won’t fade or run in the wash.
  • Any medium is fine, just keeping in mind that the more rich in colour the more vibrant the cushion will look.


  1. GET IN CONTACT WITH US - We will supply you with all the templates of paperwork you need for you and the parents to fill in.
  2. DRAW THE PICTURES - Get the kids to create their drawings on white paper.  We accept A4 and A3, or you may also use a square size paper by cutting it to sizes 21 x 21cm or 29.7 x 29.7cm.
  3. COLLECT THE PAYMENT - Collect orders and payment from the parents.
  4. FINALISE THE DRAWINGS - Collect the drawings, and then contact us to send them all out and we will take care of the rest.
Contact us today to find out more and ask about receiving a FREE SAMPLE.

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