Food Shopping Survey

The Meal Panel, operating continuously since 2008, is a national panel of household food shoppers. It tracks how people buy meals and shop for groceries. Here’s how it works:

Panel members receive an email every four to six weeks directing them to do a 5 minute online shopping survey, at their convenience in the next few days.

Each member’s completed survey earns $3 cash PLUS an additional $3 if they send in their supermarket dockets for the week, either by email or reply­paid mail. All the money is paid regularly into the account (bank or PayPal) you nominate.

Join up as many members as you can and watch the funds total up!

Members can stay in the panel as long as they like – some have been active for over six years!

It is the easiest way to fundraise

There is no outlay, the work is easy and is shared equally among your group, so no­ one is left to carry the load! And it runs throughout the year, and continues for as long as you want.

To get the ball rolling, or for further details, click on the information request below or visit our website.

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