About Bensons Trading is Australia’s largest showbag wholesaler and we are specialists in Fundraising. We have all your favorite brands, pre packed and ready send nationwide. Simply open the boxes and sell

What are the most popular Showbags?

Totally Boy and BFF are year round favorites. For the sweet tooth, why not try the Zappo, Warheads or Fizzer Showbags. We also carry a full range of Cadbury bags for the Chocolate lovers.

How can a Fundraising event make money on Showbags?

By purchasing our value packed showbags at wholesale price and on selling them to Mums, Dads and the Kids at retail prices. Easy, effective fundraising. 

How can we maximize sales?

Promote the showbags prior to your event and set up a suitable area to sell and display them. Hand them out early in the event to build interest 

What products are available? 

We have a large range of products that include showbags, lucky dips, Novelties, sippers, glow items and inflatables.

What type of event would your product suit?

We cater for all types of fundraising, events and social groups. If you have a fete, fair or festival for your organization, ask us how we can help.

What do I need to know about ordering?

Its Easy! Jump online at to view the range and place your order. You can call us during business hours on 03 9369 9929 or email your enquiry to and we will take you through it step by step.

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