Stickybeaks is an Australian owned and run partnership established in 2008 by 4 hard working and innovative stay at home mums who were looking for an alternative to ordering their children's lunches in brown paper bags. 

We wanted to create something that would be easy for the children to use and easy for the canteen operators to use.  It needed to be durablereusableaffordable and environmentally friendly.  Here at stickybeaks, we feel we have achieved this, however, we are continually looking for ways to improve our products.

Since our launch in 2009 with our feature product the "Lunch Wallet", we now supply many schools in every state across Australia. In 2010 we introduced our 2nd product, the insulated version of the Lunch Wallet called the "All Rounder". 2011 brought the introduction of the "Snazzy Bag" collection and since then have added hard shell pencil cases, neoprene pencil cases and coloured pencils.


  • Reusable Lunch Order Bags for the school Canteen / Tuckshop – Lunch Wallet
  • Reusable Lunch Order Bags for the school Canteen / Tuckshop – Insulated All Rounder
  • Snazzy Library Bags
  • Hard Shell Pencil Cases
  • Neoprene Pencil Cases
  • Coloured Pencils

Lunch Wallets & Insulated All Rounders

  • Designed to replace paper lunch bags when ordering from the canteen.
  • Holds more food than paper bags.
  • Sturdy flat base makes them easy to pack and stack.
  • Made from non woven polypropylene (like green shopping bags) as it is durable and easy to clean
  • Extremely easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Reduces paper waste.
  • Hygienic zipper pocket to separate money from contact with food.
  • Wallet in a closed position.
  • Transparent pocket displays name & class.
  • Clear pocket with zipper for money & written lunch order.
  • Reusable lunch order bags are available in non insulated (Lunch Wallet) and Insulated (All Rounder)

Want to more about our Reusable Lunch Order Bags or other products? Click on the 'Request Information' button or 'Visit our Website' button for more information.

Attention Schools!

If you would like a FREE SAMPLE of the lunch wallet please let us know.

Please note: One per school and must be sent to the school address.

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