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Bulbs, Seeds & Plants

Living Fundraisers is an eco-friendly, activity-based fundraising initiative that was founded with a simple mission: to contribute to a better world by helping schools, groups and organisations raise funds through ethical, healthy, family-friendly fundraising.  It provides a unique range of healthy, sustainable and educational products to fundraising groups throughout Australia including Herb, Veggie and Flower Growing Kits, Bulbs, Seed-embedded Christmas Cards, Grass Hair Kits and more. Living Fundraisers’ fun gardening products are good for the environment, your health and your kids and make perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher and Christmas gifts. Visit their website for a free info kit and product sample.


Living Fundraisers now offers schools, groups and clubs a beautiful range of 100% Soy Wax Candles as a fundraiser. Great for Mother’s Day and all times of the year, the deliciously scented candle varieties include Pomegranate, Lemongrass, Fresh Fig & Vanilla, French Linen and Cherry Blossom and each one comes in a gorgeous box in colours that a fresh, modern and on trend. Living Fundraisers’ candles can be run via take-home drive, as part of a stall or display, or by order form. Living Fundraisers’ lifestyle products are of high quality and make perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher and Christmas gifts. Visit their website for a free info kit and product sample.

Tracey Wheeler 02nd August 2018

I love living fundraisers for so many reasons, the products are fantastic and you are Australian Based which to me counts for a lot and you are always very helpful to deal with. The snacks were very popular and so were the candles. Thank you so much. Love doing business with you.

Robyn Renahan 16th July 2018

I first came across some of your seeded matchbooks when our local Bunnings store was handing them out at Christmas time. Then our Scout group was selling seeded Christmas cards. I love the sustainable focus of these - you get a free plant (or two) and much less rubbish. I can't wait to promote this through our Early Childhood Centre.

Bass valley pony club 10th July 2018

The pony club ordered a mixture of herbs, veggie seed kits and the strawberry/melon kits. The kids and families are super excited to have something different to sell that's healthy. We can't wait to try some of the other options in the future.

Kelly 26th June 2018

We did the Gift cards and Christmas card fundraiser! I found Living Fundraiser excellent in every way from the first call. Their products are gorgeous and wonderful. Thanks

Sam Anderson 21st May 2018

We ordered the flower and herb kits for our primary school's P&C Mother's Day Stall and they were a big hit! The customer service was fantastic, couldn't ask for better. Being able to return unsold items and pay after the event was a big plus for us. The products were packaged beautifully and the selection was lovely. Thank you! We'll be back next year for more!

Kerrilyn 09th May 2018

I'm a big fan of Living Fundraisers. The products are great quality. The service is fantastic. The items are packed very well for delivery. I highly recommend them if you are looking around for new ideas.

VIcki Korb 02nd May 2018

I found your site extremely easy to navigate which helped out school to decide which products for purchase for our Mothers Day stall. We are excited to receive your gorgeous candles.

Julie Dennis-Jagers 28th March 2018

I found Living Fundraisers to be new and refreshing with a variety of products, which I think are ideal for everyone including a smaller sports club like ours. I've ordered the mega sample pack as a kickoff to display the items and decide which way to hold our fundraiser.. and the options available for this also look great. Communication and assistance from staff was great - Thank you to Rae for discussing things through and being so helpful with everything. Looking forward to receiving the samples and showing them around!

Michelle Bethell 05th March 2018

This was our first time using Living Fundraisers and certainly won't be the last. Found the whole process very simple, great communication and help during the whole process. Have ordered the Mega sample to help us decide which one do to next.Everyone is looking forward to planting our bulbs.

Kelly 18th February 2018

I have ordered the sample kit to see what great products we can sell at our local show for girl guides. I have had great communication. we look forward to receiving the products

Rebecca 08th November 2017

Thank you Living Fundraisers, Your service and products went above and beyond in helping our Scout group begin their efforts raising funds for their upcoming Jamboree. We will not hesitate in using your products again in the future.

Gawler Health Foundation 30th October 2017

The living fundraisers range of products sell themselves and the team at LF are great to work with. Excellent communication, great pricing and commission system too.

Danielle 30th May 2017

What a great fundraiser. Looking forward to booking our next drive with you. Products sell themselves, so it was very easy to get families excited about taking a bag home to sell. Herbs, veggies, flowers and fruits were great.

Sabine Benz 29th May 2017

Our preschool committee just ordered the sample kit. What a great idea. We will use it to gauge our families' preference for what they would like to sell. We like the presentation and mix of the products.

John Dodwell 27th April 2017

People at work really like the candles. They are going to sell well.

Katrina 05th April 2017

Have just got a veg sample and now have sent for the Mega sample bag am looking forward to see all the products then making up our mind on which one to start with. Love this idea.

suzi 04th April 2017

We're using these to sell at our school Mother's Day Stall. Beautifully presented products, I'm sure they will be well received

Megan Foote 04th April 2017

Our pre-kinder recently ran Living Fundraiser's beautiful Flower Growing Kit promotion. Our 22 families each took home a bag of 10 kits to sell over a fortnight. Many sold all their kits - with some even buying them to use in their newly established gardens! The pretty packaging meant that a large number were bought for gifts. Rae from LF supported us from start to finish with exceptional service, handling all enquiries promptly and patiently, both over the phone and via email. We've got our next two promotions booked and I highly recommend Living Fundraisers to all community groups.

Katie 28th March 2017

The herbs were a hit in our little community! We are currently looking at what will go well next! Thank you for all the information

Alys 21st March 2017

Great website very informative. Love the presentation of your products.

Menindee Charities 14th January 2017

Excellent presentation and support from Living Fundraiser. Although we didn't sell a lot, the community were fascinated by the offering of something different.

Nicole 29th December 2016

We used the seed embedded Christmas cards this year to raise money for our group Dindi Dog Rescue Inc. The cards sold easily and the whole process was very easy.

Allanah 20th December 2016

Fantastic products. Very well presented and easy to sell. Can't wait to work our way through the products to raise much needed funds for our group. Praise to the Living Fundraisers staff. The contact and follow up was exceptional which made the process very easy. Thank you. Ordering and delivery was very easy and prompt. Well done team.

Kester 23rd November 2016

Our first drive was a big success. The products were very easy to sell as they are good quality and good value for money. Organising the drive was also very simple and it has been a pleasure to deal with lovely people. We look forward to seeing what else we can achieve together.

Cathy 07th November 2016

We have had a very successful drive with an order drive on all products. We also have purchased additional Card Boxsets to continue to sell. I'm very excited about these products and will defiantly be doing another drive next year. A big thanks to Rae and the staff for all of your assistance in answering all my questions & your prompt and friendly service

Nicole Leaver 15th September 2016

We did the birthday/celebration card fundraiser. It was so popular that we sold out of everything within two weeks and had to order more! What an easy fundraiser and one we'll continue with in 2017. The staff at living fundraiser made ordering so easy. They were friendly and very helpful!

Sarah Rowe 20th July 2016

Such a great idea that sells itself and so easy to do!

Carlie Gannon 18th July 2016

Thank you so much for helping us raise money for our school with beautiful and practical herb tins and veggie growing kits! Your products are lovely and your team are friendly and supportive :)

Jacinta Mackinnon 02nd July 2016

We were super excited when the products turned up at the office; an amazing turn around time from ordering to receiving. Fantastic, well presented gift ideas or stocking fillers! Will also look great on a sunny kitchen window sill. We cannot wait to kick off our fundraiser and promote happy healthy lifestyles in our area!

Jacinta Mackinnon 02nd July 2016

We were super excited when the products turned up at the office. An amazing turn around time from ordering to receiving. Well presented growing kits that will make the perfect gift or stocking filler!! We all cannot wait to kick off our fundraiser and promote happy healthy lifestyles!

Hayley Dodd 22nd June 2016

Fantastic fundraiser, and so easy to run. Herbs, veggies and plants come in these beautiful tins and boxes, great ideas for gifts. Thanks heaps, loved it.

Kristy Philpott 14th June 2016

Our school ran the herbs and flowers fundraiser and it did very well, It was so easy to do and the team at Living Fundraisers were great. Once we placed the order, it was sent off the next day. Thank you

Lynn Fowler 08th June 2016

I have just received my mega sample pack, and am delighted with the products. My only reservation is that the grow-in-the-tub herbs don't appear to have instructions (all the other plants do, so maybe that was just an omission?) I am very hopeful that my organization will catch the vision and run several Living Fundraiser events each year.

Cherry Garratt 01st June 2016

We were very happy with our mixed bag fundraiser (herbs, flowers, veggies & fruits) we used Mother's Day as a selling tool and with wonderful results. I was very impressed with the support from Rebeka and her team. Her emails were extremely helpful and the templates were all used and a real time saver for myself. We will definitely be running another.

Clare 01st June 2016

This was such an effective fundraiser! The support given by the company was fantastic! They are friendly and approachable! The product is of a high quality and this made the sales very easy. Our teenage sellers had no problem getting the product sold.

Camille Usher 31st May 2016

Living Fundraisers are an excellent company to deal with - great communication, follow-up and products. We had the Herb Tins for our Mothers Day event this year and the feedback from both parents and kids was outstanding! We would certainly recommend them and we will be back next year!

Hannah Benjamin 19th May 2016

We had a great fundraiser at our school with Living Fundraisers flower pots and herb tins. The kids loved having something different and being able to give something to their mums that they could see and watch grow together. The service was amazing and really personable. Great price point also. Thanks Living Fundraiser!

Cath Pell 06th January 2016

The service and products were great. We did the Christmas card fundraiser in the lead up to Christmas and they were popular with givers and receivers of cards. Another plus was that we weren't trying to force people to sell food that they did not want. Because there is no spoilage of product the handling was easy.

Julie Van Netten 17th December 2015

Wow!!!! What an awesome fundraiser the vegie and herb growing kits was. The parents loved the idea of a healthy fundraiser and the kids loved watching them grow. This fundraiser will definitely be a permanent fixture on our Kinder's annual fundraising calendar!

Anita Walters 19th November 2015

Living Fundraisers was a fantastic idea. The tomatoes were the biggest seller for us and the feedback for healthy fundraiser was received well by the parents. If we had more time to run the fundraiser it would have been better, as we lost a week with the items being delivered. Next time we run this we won't have the items posted to us until after the fundraiser as the postage back was just to much and we lost that from the profits. Still a great fundraiser for a little school.

Megan Foote 12th November 2015

Living Fundraisers really do put the FUN back into fundraising! Our Kinder families were delighted with the very cute flower pots, the funky herb packs, the handy fruit and veg growing kits and the value-added Christmas cards. Many have become easy, affordable and sustainable gifts. We chose four products to sell plus two Closet Cleanouts, booked early and made bonus profits - yay! The staff are unfailingly helpful and encouraging. Thank you so much for all your assistance and great products.

Amanda Bishop 05th November 2015

What I was most impressed with was the professionalism and service odd the company. Emails at Week 1, 2, 3 and 4... encouraging and constantly owing helpful tips to make the mossy out of the fundraiser. The packs themselves were of the highest standard, with ample info and extra signage to help promote the fundraiser. I would highly recommend this type of fundraiser and definitely this company.

Kirsty Gray 03rd November 2015

This fundraiser is fantastic as it's not your usual chocolate drive. No unhealthy options which is brilliant. We were impressed with what we raised for our school and the amount of people that contributed. And thank you to you guys for having this brilliant no calorie healthy idea. We are thinking of making this an annual fundraiser. Very easy to run as well.

Kristie Williams 21st October 2015

A great easy fundraiser to run - good returns for the effort involved. Found Living Fundraisers really easy to work with. Products were sent out super fast and all looks great!

Cathy Neale 13th October 2015

The service through Living Fundraiser was spectacular, regular calls and emails to help keep us on track were great, the products are a brilliant idea and I personally look forward to sending out christmas cards this year (something I'm quite slack at doing). Thank you for a positive experience.

Nancy 20th September 2015

We ordered an assortment of flowers and herbs for our fundraiser stall at the local markets and they were very well received. We had a lots of interest. Living fundraisers were very easy to deal with and the ordering process couldn't have been smoother!

Kristy 13th September 2015

I found this fundraiser great, something different from the other fundraisers. We had a mixed response from the parents, but you are never going to keep everyone happy. The company was great to deal with, made things as easy as possible to organise. I found the herbs to be the most popular items for our kindy.

Sandy 23rd August 2015

The seed embedded Christmas cards are a delightful and unique way to raise funds. They are so easy to sell and are a win-win product for everyone. The staff at Living Fundraisers are very, very helpful and it has been a pleasure to do this fundraiser.

Kerry Bates 14th August 2015

fantastic. the idea for the living fundraiser was well received by the committee and the staff have embraced the products as well. The themes fitted well with our child cares centre of promoting healthy living and allowed the children to also be involved in growing the products for their own use. The ability to do top up orders also allowed us to test the waters first which was great. thankyou for your support as we undertook this fundraising event staff were excellent to deal with and vey helpful. We will be doing it again very soon.

Amanda 09th August 2015

Fantastic company to fundraise thru, we have just completed our 2nd round of fundraising with living fundraisers and it is all made so simple. Highly recommend

Give Jack Ears 03rd August 2015

Over the past year we have been running multiple fundraisers to raise money for Give Jack Ears and we are delighted to include living Fundraisers to our list of organisations that are helping us achieve our goals. We have ordered the healthy snacks and it has been a great hit so far. The staff are wonderful too and always there to help when needed. Thank you once again and look forward to your continued support & involvement to achieve our goal target to give Jack the surgery he needs. Please Like us on our Facebook page Give Jack Ears.

Daisy Yang 20th July 2015

I am so glad to have chosen the herbs fundraiser! It's a wonderful thing to raise funds while doing something good for the environment. The staffs are so helpful. It's also so much convenient to have no upfront fees. The best choices for our school-based organisation. Thank you!

Trish H 19th July 2015

The fantastic girls at Living Fundraisers made the whole job so easy. They were there via email and phone and returned and queries quickly. Nothing was too much trouble and really understood the issues we have regarding school holidays etc. I ran it myself for our kindy and raised over $1000. I would definitely recommend the company for a fundraiser.

Julie Wiseman 02nd July 2015

Great fundraiser, very easy to deal with the company, certainly will be back again

Sarah K 30th June 2015

Wonderful fundraiser! Ongoing support throughout our fundraiser. Everything sent promptly and packaged well. We look forward to our drive later in the year with your seed-embedded christmas cards. Thank you Living Fundraisers team.

Megan Foote 29th June 2015

I can't speak more highly of the super staff at LF. They are friendly, helpful and very supportive. No query was too silly or too small for them. They understand what is needed for a fundraiser to succeed and provide it. We love the products too. This year we've sold the assorted cards and 'made' $400 profit, which is great for a small (16 families) group like ours. We've also taken part in a Closet Cleanout and have booked the herb packs and living cards. It is wonderful having these healthy, ethical alternatives to offer our community. Thank you very much LF!

Angelique Scott 16th June 2015

Awesome helpful company to deal with - a very healthy alternative fundraising idea

Emma 10th June 2015

Living fundraiser is a great way to raise funds for any event. The company are with you all the way with regular contact and advise. The products are adorable and very useful, Kids and adults will both enjoy the products. Thank you so much

Colleen Day 09th June 2015

Fabulous fundraiser and a fantastic company to deal with - lots of contact and back up support

Kristy Noonan 08th June 2015

What a great fundraiser! Simple, easy to manage, and exceptional help from your staff, made it so easy for us.

Angela 21st May 2015

Super fundraiser. We raised $720 without breaking a sweat. The herbs were a massive hit, and the flowers ended up moving as well. Loved the way everything was packed up and prepared. We will definitely be doing this one again. Thanks :)

Rachel Eastough 22nd April 2015

A lovely healthy fundraiser with very helpful staff :-)

Maya Aniol 26th March 2015

Great customer service and support. fantastic and healthy way of fundraising!

Katie Drosd 13th March 2015

I would like information on fundraising ideas using your product please.

Allison 02nd February 2015

Living Fundraisers are easy to deal with. Great to find a fundraiser that offers a healthy line to sell.

Cedah Cooper 14th January 2015

A great company to deal with and the Living Fundraiser seed embedded Christmas Cards were a hit. Being a sporting club it was great to find a fundraiser that didn't involve chocolate. Great profits to be made and the staff are lovely, what more could you want :-)

Kate 04th January 2015

The Living Fundraisers' folk were lovely! Always so very helpful and understanding of the needs of our school as we are quite small. We held a quick and successful campaign just prior to the Christmas holidays that was easily managed by me alone - mostly due to the helpful advice and that the products virtually sell themselves!! We wanted a fundraiser that was in keeping with the ethos of our school, so the seed raising kits and living cards were perfect. Thanks for your help!

Dianne Forrester 09th December 2014

A great fundraiser, something a bit different to chocolates. Very helpful staff, made for a great experience.

Gina Holland 08th December 2014

Very supportive and friendly Fundraising team and very accommodating to work with. The products are of high quality and I would definitely recommend Living Fundraisers to others.

Cann River Community Centre Inc 27th November 2014

Thank you it's been a great experience for our centre and for our little community.

Renee Jackson 18th November 2014

What a wonderful company! Customer service was incredible, all the staff I dealt with were helpful, polite and very knowledgeable. I have been fundraising for the Weekend to End Womens Cancers and we were selling the Greeting and Christmas Cards. Exceptional quality and I've been pleasantly surprised with how popular they have been. Thank you Living Fundraisers for all your help.

Kellie Simpson 17th November 2014

The fundraiser was for playgroup. We chose to use the greeting and Christmas cards. All sold quickly and people liked buying an item that was useful, well made and well priced. The team were very helpful throughout the whole process

Faye 17th November 2014

Easy fundraiser and VERY helpfull

Deb Quill 13th November 2014

Fantastic service highly recommend living fundraisers - their unique products were a blast at our fair!

Jordan Nash 12th November 2014

The team at Living Fundraisers have been extremely helpful during our drive. Parents were extremely happy with the products. I am sure when we do our next drive we will use them again. Thank you.

Jessica jarvis 07th November 2014

Asd Kidz & Familyz enjoyed offering families an alternative fundraiser. Living fundraisers is a great company to work with. They help you any way you need. We sold the flowers as teachers gifts as the kids can paint the pots. Will do again.

Kylie Shailer 04th November 2014

This was our first year with Living Fundraisers and families loved it! A refreshing change. We had a huge response from families and now we can start planning our school vegie garden from the money raised. The Team at Living Fundraisers was helpful and communicated the steps very well.

suzie farley 04th November 2014

Tanunda Kindergarten were delighted to have living fundraisers products available to our parents this year, we look forward to working with you all in the future.

Debbie Gould 31st October 2014

Living Fundraisers were extremely helpful & informative for our fundraiser. The growing kits are a fantastic idea & we hope to use them again! Thanks so much!

Lisa-Ann Moor 24th October 2014

Barmah Kindergarten and occasional care have used living fundraising twice this year. The staff are really friendly and helpful and nothing was too much trouble. It was great to have helpful tips pre, during and post fundraising.

Sarah Thompson 23rd October 2014

Living Fundraisers are a brilliant organisation to work with for fundraising, always willing to help and suggest the best way to run a fundraiser. Living Fundraisers also send all the material you need to run your fundraiser with their product - saving a lot of time on my end and a great help in letting everyone involved how we were going with the fundraiser. I would defiantly use living fundraisers again!

Kathryn Drake 22nd October 2014

Living fundraiser was the best fundraiser I organised this year for my daughters kinder! The service was outstanding, friendly and efficient. Will definitely recommend living fundraisers to others.

Meg Morgan-Teddy Bear Cottage 08th October 2014

We are extremely happy with the results of the Living Fundraiser. Our service is a healthy practices service and our parents have received the herbs and fruits packs with enthusiasm and are very happy for us to repeat this activity again next time we want to put a fundraiser together again.

Katherine Hitchcock 22nd September 2014

Fantastic fundraiser. Easy to organise and the items sold very easily. Also excellent before and after service and plenty of support to help make the drive a success.

Margaret 15th September 2014

This is the second year we have used Living Fundraisers at our school. Once again, the behind the scenes help has been tremendous. Thank you. Vegies and herbs sold well this year, as did the cards. Will be passing details onto next year's committe to consider running a Living Fundraiser for a third year.

1st Grays Point Scout Group 08th September 2014

Our group enjoyed selling the Herb & Veggie kits from Living Fundraisers. Great support along the way from this company. Looking forward to our next one with your cards.

Esther Turner 07th September 2014

Very well organised with all the information for running a successful drive. Great before and after service. Planning on using again next year.

christine tait 04th September 2014

fantastic service, great staff, it was good to have all the backup support which was only a phone call away. will definitely use them again.

Kellie 03rd September 2014

This fundraiser was really easy to organise and the team at Living Fundraisers were a great help. The herbs and cards proved really popular with our kinder group and we will definitely be running this again next year.

Kristie Simmons 25th August 2014

Fantastic fundraising idea. Our Kindergarten kids loved it. Great products! Easy to use. Staff are friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend living fundraisers!

Donna Masters 24th August 2014

Fantastic products and well presented. People like the idea of a healthy snack compared to normal lollies and chocolate. Definately will use again. Fantastic support.

kingsthorpe playgroup 22nd August 2014

Lovely products (cards) and our group has enjoyed selling them. We were given lots of good information as well as support from the staff of living fundraising. We will definitely use them again and encourage others to as well.

Jodie McCosker 07th August 2014

Fantastic way for us to raise money and still align with our values of healthy living that we try to promote to our clients.

Larna 29th July 2014

Our School used Living Fundraisers for the Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers. We were all very pleased with the products and the Kids are loving watching them grow. Thanks for a great Fundraiser

Karen 28th July 2014

We really loved the interesting range of products, and held a successful and hassle free fundraiser with the help of the lovely staff at Living Fundraisers. We will be back!

Michelle 10th July 2014

Great products, presented very nicely in great take home bags, lots of information and support provided by friendly staff at Living Fundraisers. A great alternative to lolly drives, will definitely use again.

Doncaster East Preschool 29th June 2014

The products included very appealling growing kits (veggie & herbs) and information leaflets. But all the credits goes to the magical staff at Living Fundraiser! The ladies provided us with all the support, templates and flexibilty needed to complete this drive succesfully.

Linda Gonzalez 22nd June 2014

Living Fundraisers should be commended for their range of innovative products and fantastic customer support. We just ran the greeting cards drive and found them easy to sell and great value for money. We look forward to running the seedlings and seed-embedded Christmas cards later in the year.

City of Traralgon Band 16th June 2014

I suggested a Living Fundraisers drive so we could provide a healthy alternative to the standard fundraising products. Many people were very excited to know about it. The staff at Living Fundraisers provided some of the best, most attentive customer service around. They were constantly checking in with me to see how our drive was going. I will definitely be suggesting another drive in the not-to-distant future.

Kimberley Overhall 09th June 2014

Fantastic! This was our first fundraiser, so we were flying blind, but the amazing staff were so helpful and made it a success! Will definitely be using them again in the future.

Jaymi Milic 03rd June 2014

Our fundraiser was fantastic. The products are great and we are really looking forward to our next one. We will definitely be using Living Fundraisers on a regular basis for our fundraising needs. Many thanks for all the support we received from you to set this up and make sure it ran smoothly.

Jordan 26th May 2014

Great fundraiser enjoyable and helpful staff

Deborah Fownes 21st May 2014

The school's Fundraising Team openly embraced this refreshing alternative to the usual Mothers Day gifts. We opted for the Vege, Herb and Flower kits. We purchased 550. They were delivered efficiently and well boxed ready for our Mothers Day Stall. The children handpainted a cute brown carry bag to place their Mothers Day Gift/Kit inside - extremely personalised - We were happy with the way the day went and the P&C made some nice fundraising $$. Not forgetting how informative the ladies were on the phone if we called with a query. The material mailed to us was excellent and self explanatory. We hope to pursue further fundraising initiatives with Living Fundraisers again. Thanks again.

Sue 20th May 2014

I was very happy with the quality of the nut free treats range. The presentation and the way the items were packed was great and very eye catching. Thanks heaps

Ingrid 13th May 2014

Very happy with the product and service from Living Fundraisers. Purchased flower growing kits to sell as gifts on our school mothers day stall and they all sold out very quickly. I got great/prompt info, the kits were delivered exactly on schedule, and there was great follow up. Super straightforward. Thank you. Will definitely look at these products again.

Rachel 05th May 2014

The response has been great, with so many families happy we didn't get chocolates. This is our first food fundraiser in a few years as we were getting tired of chocolates, and they contradicted our healthy eating policy. It was great to find a fundraiser that allows the families to buy foods they can send with their children for lunches. Thanks!

Tracey Wheeler 01st May 2014

Thank you for providing us with a great fund raiser I would like to do it again later in the year for some of the other items. Staff were very pleasant and helpful

Kirsty Cole 21st April 2014

Our experience with Living Fundraisers was fantastic. The ladies were so helpful all the way throughout the fundraiser drive, the information provided was helpful and reassuring. We fundraised using the grow in the bag herbs which were easy to sell and were snapped up quickly with little effort from our seller. An easy fundraising option that sells themselves, I would recommend to anyone.

Tracy Holden 10th April 2014

Have ordered plants and cards to do a fundraiser overseas. The girls at Living Fundraiser are absolutely fantastic, we haven't conducted the fundraiser yet (will keep you posted). The service has been excellent and the products are fantastic. Definitely recommend 'Living Fundraiser" to anybody needing fundraising ideas. So easy and straightforward. Well done girls!

Carol McDonough 06th April 2014

We recently ran a Living Fundraiser with Herbs, Annie's Bars and Flowers, and found them to be a great fundraising idea. Parents, families and members of the local schools and communities bought items off us, because they were great products. Will definitely do this again next year.

Meg 06th April 2014

We recently purchased some snacks and fruit bars from Living Fundraisers for a local fundraising effort. We were very pleased with the friendly and helpful assistance we got and the regular phone calls to touch base and see that we had everything we needed. The staff were very efficient and professional. We would certainly consider using them again for future activities.

Julia 04th April 2014

As a change to the normal sweets fundraising you see, we opted for Living Fundraisers and it was the best decision! They made every step so easy and were a pleasure to work with. Definitely recommend Living Fundraisers to anyone looking at fundraising for their group.

Maureen Keegan 02nd April 2014

We recently ran this fundraiser at our office as part of the Relay For Life fundraising. This was a major success as it reflected a healthy lifestyle against the normal sweet food fundraisers. Thankyou

Rebecca Cross 20th March 2014

Great that you get everything you need to plant your herb or potted flowers. Kids love it!

Nikki 06th February 2014

Good little fundraiser, don't have to worry about food products. Great posters/envelope provided which helps.

Jillian Oliver 15th December 2013

What a practical fundraiser! The Wingham Brush P&C used Living fundraisers, the Christmas cards, vegie, herbs & flower packs ! It was an easy and fun way to raise money for our school. The staff at Living Fundraiser's were helpful, prompt and friendly. Thankyou!

Tammie Palmer 03rd December 2013

Thank-you! We chose the environmentally friendly Christmas Cards for our Primary School fundraiser and it was super easy to organise, super easy to order and super easy to distribute. The Cards are just gorgeous and we will definitely do them again next year! Thanks Living Fundraisers!

Adelheid Stelter 03rd December 2013

Great in time for Christmas, with the herb pouches going into many Christmas stockings and the cards being sent all over the world. So refreshing to have something different to sell than chocolates!

Joy 22nd November 2013

Easy fundraiser with lots of help provided if needed. Loved the xmas cards and plants.

Vicki 18th November 2013

Absolutely loved the Herb pouches, Vegie hot houses and potted flowers, had never seen them before and neither had our community so it caused lots of interest

Jess 17th November 2013

Great Snacks! they are a big hit and the people at Living fundraisers have been ever so helpful. Thank you.

Christine 27th October 2013

Simple fundraising! Great support and guidance from the team at Living Fundraisers too.

Tanya 12th October 2013

Fantastic fundraiser!!! Everyone was delighted with a 'healthy' fundraiser of herbs and vegetables!! We raised $1400 for our primry school- not bad for only 65 kids!!! Thanks Living Fundraisers for your wonderful products excellent service and great help!

Debbie 01st October 2013

Easiest fundraiser ever. Products sold themselves

Donna Alice Johnson pre school 30th September 2013

Huge thanks to the girls at living fundraisers they were all so helpful kept in contact with us the hole drive. Our 3year old did herbs and veggies. Great way to get kids involved and healthy recommend this to any group and our primary school doing it next year as I'm sure so,will our kinder again thanks girls keep up the good work.

Deb - (Sunningdale Preschool & LDC) 30th September 2013 29th September 2013

Thank you Living Fundraiser for your help in all areas. Prompt service - with great products. We ordered Herbs, Vegies, Flowers and Xmas Cards. Our Director at the local Preschool was happy to see a healthy product being sold to everyone.

Trudi 19th September 2013

An easy to run fundraiser. Great product to promote and very good support from Living Fundraisers.

Skipton Kindergarten 19th September 2013

This was a fantastic fundraising experience. The customer service from Rebeka was friendly, prompt, informative and accomodating to our needs. Everything is thought making the job of fundraising coordinator easier. Many thanks and look forward to using this organisation again.

Jo-Sara crt kinder 18th September 2013

This was by far our most successful fundraiser. We raised over $1000 which is fantastic. Great healthy alternative to what else is available and a great way to include the kids. Thank you very much living fundraisers!!!

Cally 18th September 2013

We chose to run the herb and veggie drive for our term 3 Kindergarten fundraiser and found it was very successful. The fundraiser was easy to manage as living fundraisers provided us with all the templates required to run the drive and the herb and veggie packs were so popular that they were in demand. This fundraiser is a great alternative to the usual chocolate drive.

Marie Fernandez Catechesis of the Good Shepherd WA 12th September 2013

Thankyou for such wonderful service. The children were very excited to receive their plants and even asked if we could do it every year. Fundraising was very easy as the products were so practical and desirable as well as fitting in with our philosophy of being close to God's creation. Thankyou.

Kristy Simms 11th September 2013

our group really enjoyed selling the living fundraisers, we had a great response from the community

Linda Robson 11th September 2013

Living Fundraisers has been a great option for our Childcare Centre. We have managed to sell 40 bags which is fantastic. People get sick of chocolates and unhealthy foods. This is practical, mess free and great to get your children involved in gardening. Can't wait until they have grown enough to use in my cooking.

Jodie Baker 09th September 2013

Best Fundraiser ever, everybody loved the herbs and veggies as they were the first to sell out!

Liesl Gibson 25th August 2013

Absolutely fantastic. The grow in the bag herbs were a hit and the healthy snaks a great alternative to the chocolate fundraiser.

Catherine 24th August 2013

I found the Living Fundraising staff to be very helpful and I loved the presentation of the DIY herb and vege kits.

Kathleen Delley 20th August 2013

Fantastic way to raise funds - it truly is the gift that keeps giving (as apposed to the typical chocolate drives held where you just gobble it and it's gone). These were so popular, we had to order more and so many people who I've come in contact with have commented on how great this is and are looking at incorporating it in their own clubs and associations! Great work!

Sarah 19th August 2013

Awesome fundraiser. Prompt service and delivery and offers something really different in a fundraiser. The products are top quality and reasonably priced. We raised money as part of a medical group to offer support to a hospital in Sisophon Cambodia, so were pleased to see also that 10c from each product sold also supported children in Cambodia. A win all round!

Linda Keidge 18th August 2013

Our Girl Guide unit had a great experience with Living Fundraising. All the families commented on how novel the idea was - and were grateful to not have more baked goods and chocolates to sell, especially with the growing number of dietary restrictions around. We ordered the vegie and herb kits, which we had no problem distributing, however the herbs were the most popular. We had a small problem in the beginning, but the living fundraiser team responded quickly and personally, and handled the situation very very well. Your customer service is excellent, and that contributes to how this is so successful. Thank you for this opportunity.

Sharon McKenzie 14th August 2013

Thanks so much to Rebeka & Living Fundraisers for making this such as easy, fuss free fundraiser to organise. The Mums in our playgroup loved the variety each pack offered (we did herbs, plants, veg & Christmas Cards) and the fact that it was a fun, healthy fundraiser which sells itself. The funds raised will help every family at our centre & we hope to make this a regular activity.

Claire 05th August 2013

Fantastic support from Rachel, who helped a novice fundraiser like me organsie and carry out 2 separate fundraisers raising much needed funds for our kids. Both parents and kids eager to sell your goods and were easy to sell. Looking forward to selling the Christmas cards and watching them grow. Thanks for all the help and great ideas.

Debbie Martin 01st July 2013

A fantastic idea that was really well received in our school community. The Living Fundraisers staff are extremely helpful and there really is little work for a coordinator to do except collect the great profits for your fundraising venture. We will be doing this again for sure.

Jodi 26th June 2013

We had nothing but positive feedback from all our families involved in selling the herb & vege kits. It was refreshing to have something to offer that was so easy to sell and promoted healthy living. The service & support provided was exceptional and there were a lot of comments regarding the great packaging. Thank you Living Fundraisers for making what can often be such a 'hard slog' into a joyful experience.

Edna 24th June 2013

We are only a small group,but are very pleased with the results. A number of our folk have reported that their seeds are growing and are looking forward to the results.

Samantha 12th June 2013

What a great idea! Your little flower pots were a huge success & we are now planning our next fundraiser using the herbs & vegies.

Joanne Niski 05th June 2013

We are a small school and this was a great fundraiser for us. Very easy to organise as the work is done for you, easy to place and pay for the order and quick delivery of the final products. Thank you

Bridget Stobie (C&K Coorparoo Community Kindy) 03rd June 2013

We love Living Fundraisers - our families loved the organic herb and vegie growing kits which really suited our Kindy's philosophy of natural and healthy. We ran a take home drive with half vegie/half herb bags which worked well though the herbs were more popular. We also had interest in and sold small numbers of Snacks, Cards and Flower Pots. Our 80 Kindy families managed to raise around $1700 and though we did return some items we also retained some to sell at a later stage. The staff at Living Fundraisers are fabulous to deal with - nothing was ever to much trouble! I will be recommending next year's fundraisers run this again.... Though we may order Christmas cards this year.

Brittney Howle 02nd June 2013

The flowerpots are great, and the accompanying posters and templates were so handy. Will definitely use Living Fundraisers again and recommend to friends!

Colostomy Assoc of SA 27th May 2013

We have just started our campaign. We purchased some products as samples and sold them very quickly. would be great if you could order smaller quantities. All good comments.

Melissa Launer 21st May 2013

This fundraiser was easy to run and was positively received by our families. Everyone got behind it and I'm sure we will do it again next year. The staff at Living Fundraisers were so easy to deal with all of the time and their website was a fantastic resource.

Mirjana Pillig 06th May 2013

This fundraiser was fun, very easy to do and very easy to sell. We combined our Mother's Day stall with having the herbs & flowers fundraiser as another great option for gift ideas. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and many thanks to Samara, who kept me well informed all the way! Thanks!!

Tintinara Area School 05th April 2013

What a fantastic fundraising idea. Our small school of only 110ish kids and 40 families managed to sell 48 mixed bags of herbs and flowers as well as 5 mixed snack bags and raised just over $1000.00 within our small community. funds raised to go towards our secondary school camp later in the year, thanks heaps Samara and Rachel

Tomaree Public School 11th December 2012

What a brilliant fundraiser, we raised over $3,000 for our school! The staff at Living Fundraiser went above and beyond to help us, as this was such a large fundraiser for us. I can't thank Samara and Rachel enough for their help. Will definitely be recommending this fundraiser to other schools in our area.

Natalie Brown 06th December 2012

What a fabulous idea - and not remotely fattening! We raise funds each year for a charity and love new ideas. This was easy to do, well supported and had very eye catching products. We hope to reap our rewards or herbs and veggies in the new year. Thanks for all the assistance

Catherine Roberts-Hedland Playgroup 25th November 2012

We loved this fundraiser, it was easy to do and easy to sell. So far we have 3 lots of the herbs & vegetables. Great way for the kids to get into the garden and get more greens onto their plates!

Georgia 22nd November 2012

We have had a wonderful response from the parents for our fundraiser. The herbs and flowers sold out but lots of the cards were returned. I suggest that generic cards rather than Xmas cards would sell better in our area. Some of our families don't celebrate Christmas and in hindsight we probably ordered too many.

Kim Newbury Navigators 20th November 2012

good idea and fun fundraiser and the living christmas cards what a great novel idea and the support and after service was great delivered on time no issues with refunds or due dates thanks heaps to the packers Racheal Samasa and all the team and also John and his packing team just to all of you concerned keep up the good work will be in touch next year to see what else we can do kim payne

Kathryn Liddle 11th September 2012

Thank you so much to living fundraisers. We received a beautiful product which sold well. And it is going a long way to helping us achieve our goals. And thank you for such a wonderful supportive service.

Mel's Angels ELC Hallam 08th August 2012

We've waited 2.5 to run a fundraiser because we couldn't find a partner with our focus on healthy, natural living. We were thrilled to discover Living Fundraisers and our first ever fundraiser has been a huge success. We sold about 48 Veggie+Herb mixed bags and ended up making nearly double what our fundraising target was. We're building our own Veggie Garden with the proceeds! The LF team was awesome too - pleasant and helpful. We'll be back to try out all the other options!

Susi Leo 30th July 2012

Great idea for a fundraiser, something different which is always good. We sold 15 bags within our small Playgroup and are very happy with the results. Thanks heaps.

Kate Schultz 31st May 2012

We recently ran Living Fundraisers at our kinder. We had a fabulous response, selling 19 bags (with a mixture of grow-in-the-bag herbs and flower pots) from 18 families! Everyone was really intrigued when we first mentioned the idea as it's a bit different. I found the customer service throughout the fundraiser was fantastic. If word of mouth is the best marketing tool, then expect quite a few more orders :-)

MayMaree 14th February 2011

I really liked this fundraiser (we did the herbs), we raised a lot of money and had a great positive feel. Will try one of the others this year.

Jo Freeman 24th August 2010

Absolutely fantastic. The kids love watching the herbs grow in a bag. No mess, portable for when we go away. No one needs to come and look after the veggie patch.

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