At last, Fundraising with a purpose! This year, raise funds for your school, club, community group or anything else with these great, environmentally friendly pencils. As we like to say here at Smencils Australia, "FUNDRAISING WITH A FUTURE"

They come in several fun gourmet scents! And, yes - they really are pencils made from sheets of newspaper instead of wood - you can actually see the layers of newspaper when you sharpen them!

They sharpen the same as all other wood pencils and they SMELL WAY BETTER!

Not only do Smencils smell great, but they look great too. Each one has a colourfully designed wrapping on it that coordinates with the scent. Each Smencil comes in its own Freshness Tube.

Smencils are a truly unique and very effective fundraising product.
They're very easy to sell and they sell fast. Not only do they smell great, but they're good for the environment too. It's fundraising with a purpose:

"Saving trees ... one pencil at a time."

Attention Schools: Introducing the One Day Fundraiser:
This is another option for how Smencils can be sold - the goal of which is to make running a school fundraiser as quick and simple as is humanly possible. Smencils also give teachers an excellent opportunity to teach the benefits of recycling.

How it works:

  • order as many free Hand-out Cards (shown below) as you think you need;
  • each student or participant takes home one or more Hand-out Cards;
  • each participant returns their cards with the $5 donations on the pre-arranged date indicated on the front of the cards (you choose the date);
  • each card returned means a sale of 5 Smencils, so your profit is $2.00 per card returned;
  • you have now collected all your money up front;
  • order the number of cases of Smencils you need and give them to the participants.

    Do the One Day Fundraiser a couple times a year and make fundraising quick and easy.





Each time you run the One Day Fundraiser, your profit is $2.00 per card returned. Below is a profit table for your reference:

Cards Returned

Your Profit











Kelly Janetzki 28th August 2013

Have seen these smencils at my daughters gymnastic club. They are fantastic!!

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