Sponsorship Proposal Template

Edit: We have been sent in another modified version of this proposal that the writers are happy to share – see the bottom of the page for more 🙂


Debbie spent a lot of time and effort getting it right, and is happy to share it to save other volunteers from having to reinvent the wheel. Thanks heaps Debbie!!!!

This proposal uses a table to set out the benefits that sponsors at different levels are offered. It also contains a lot of detail about the requirements for the next steps for sponsors.

Feel free to download the sponsorship proposal (it’s a word document) and modify it to suit your own purposes.

Sponsorship proposal fundraising

Sponsorship Proposal

If you have any documents, templates, checklists or handover records that you think may be of benefit to other volunteers, please send them to us. We will de-identify them and share them with other grateful fundraisers 🙂 Send them in to admin (at) fundraisingdirectory.com.au.

sponsorship proposal

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