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Fundraising with your own custom labelled water or wine is a fundraiser that had caught on in recent years. Some groups have even started their own 'wine club' which bypasses a school completely but still delivers a fundraising benefit. Take a look at our suppliers below.

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Wine Experience

Wine Experience

By involving WINE EXPERIENCE, your charitable or fundraising organisation will incur no financial outlay

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Custom Label Bottled Water from Source Direct

Custom Label Bottled Water from Source Direct

Custom label bottled water to make a lasting impression. Every body needs water! Excellent fundraiser. Australia wide. 100% + profit margin in most cases.

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Fundraising Wine

Fundraising Wine and our Wine Drive fundraising system have been supporting charity fund raisers, sporting clubs, and other not-for-profit fundraising projects for more than 15 years. We require no upfront payment.

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