Roadshow Public Performance Licensing

Movie Fundraising:

  • Movies are great fun, whether indoors or out, and a great way to get communities together. We handle enquiries from all over Australia, and even in New Zealand.
  • For the purposes of copyright in Australia, a screening of a film outside the home is generally regarded as “in public”
  • Any person or organisation wishing to screen a film in public must get permission from the copyright owner and pay a licence fee.
  • Roadshow PPL (a division of Roadshow Films) is Australasia’s largest “non-theatrical” distributor, representing many of the leading Hollywood studios and international & local independent studios and distributors in the area of film for use outside the cinema and home.
  • Whilst the showing of a film in public requires permission and payment of fees, we can provide content or simply a licence to perform a film for a variety of markets and purposes.
  • Submit your enquiry for more information!