Mini Golf Fundraiser

I know that many of you are on the lookout for something new and a little different so here’s an idea that will help you hit a ‘Hole-in-One’ with your fundraising.

Who doesn’t like a game of putt putt?! How’s this for an idea – a ‘Mini Golf Tournament’ Fundraiser! We often get feedback that community groups, schools in particular, are wanting more events that focus on the whole family. Putt putt is heaps of fun and a great way to get people out in the fresh air and having a laugh. And the best part is that putting on a mini golf fundraising tournament requires only a (comparatively) small amount of planning.

Book your Mini Golf Course Venue

Start by contacting the mini golf clubs within your area – most would be happy to get involved in a worthy fundraising cause and get extra foot traffic.  Word of mouth and a higher volume of visitors is beneficial for their business so hopefully, you can negotiate a great per-person rate.

Also ask them if they would be happy to donate some prizes as giveaways such as golf passes, golf balls or merchandise.  

You will then charge a tournament entry fee to your participating families which will, naturally (!), be higher than the rate you secured with the venue.

Advertise Your Mini Golf Fundraising Tournament

Advertise through your social media channels, placing flyers in the mini golf club, schools and local businesses. Include the information in your newsletters, send flyers around the community and ask other local businesses to get behind it.

Function and Catering for your Mini Golf Fundraising Tournament

Don’t forget that function space and catering will be an important aspect of the tournament. You may want to ask the mini golf club if you can hold a sausage sizzle / cake stall / coffee van etc. at their venue – an additional way to increase your profit, or they may have a catering and function space they will let you use. 


Extra suggestions to make your Mini Golf Tournament a little more exciting and generate some extra $$$:

  • Call it the ‘Your School Open’ tournament
  • If you’re planning to put a program booklet together, as well as or including scorecards for the day, offer local businesses advertising spots
  • Place water stations and/or a snack bar at one of the holes.
  • Ask local community businesses to ‘sponsor’ each hole with their branding on the flag.
  • Create a drawcard by sourcing some great prizes (whether they are golf themed or not!) for raffles or even an auction if that will suit your group.
  • If your group has its own merchandise, set up a stand and sell that too.
  • Sell ‘try again’ cards which people can purchase up front or throughout the day. If they have a bad shot they can get a do-over for that putt.
  • Place extra challenges at the holes – such as dares.
  • Have a ‘pro for hire’ where you can pay the pro to take your turn for you.
  • Don’t forget the all important donation tin for people to throw their extra change into!


Happy Fundraising!

Mandy Weidmann aka the Fundraising Whisperer

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