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Setting Expectations – at the beginning of the year

Setting Expectations - at the beginning of the year. Now’s the time to ramp up the ‘A’ factor in your SMART fundraising goals and let others know what’s in store for the year.

What Oprah taught me about fundraising

I recently took my mum to see Oprah live in Brisbane. Tickets were expensive ($175 each) but I had faith...

Welcome to School Gifts and Poems

Welcome to School Gifts and Poems Starting school or kindergarten for the first time is very exciting for little people. They...

‘Just One Thing’ Letter

A wonderful template you can use to get volunteers active!

How to Get Volunteers for Kindies, Child Care Centres and Prep

Fundraising is not a one-person job. It needs a core few volunteers that are committed to the big picture and others who can provide a little time here and there to support the cause. We've got some suggestions for how to get volunteers.

Harnessing Support – getting volunteers

Harnessing Support for Fundraising Support for fundraising comes in two key forms: financial support made by purchasing products, attending an...

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