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Spoiling volunteers – find a strategic partner for your organisation

Rewarding Your Volunteers I heard a great idea a couple of weeks ago, and have been busting to share it...

Maximising fundraiser return for a donated prize

Fundraiser Tip A reader recently asked for our advice on the best way to maximise the fundraising dollars for a...

Parent Talk August 2014

There is no silver bullet in fundraising - no one answer that will make it effortless or straightforward. A number of factors all need to work together to create an effective fundraising plan.

Community Fundraising with Coles

Community Fundraising through your Local Businesses & Supermarkets

Fundraising Tip – Get in early for sponsorship!

A cornerstone of successful fundraising is sponsorship. Whether you are holding a trivia night, spellathon or a large-scale fete, a good sponsorship co-ordinator will become your best friend.

Fundraising tip – Sponsorship = filling the gaps

If you have a major event coming that has a number of sponsorship options, why not share the burden of...

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