Primary Schools

In Australia, fundraising in Primary Schools is the perfect storm! Parents are more willing to step up and be involved, and kids LOVE seeing their parents involved. There is nothing more motivating than the pride in the eyes of your child when they see you take an interest in their school life.

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Lob a Choc

The ‘Lob a Choc’ or ‘Chocolate Toss’ stall is an Australian tradition at fetes and markets and is a definite crowd pleaser. Chocolate always has and always will attract kids (and a lot of adults too!) like a magnet and make you a good profit.

Theme Ideas: Easter

Theme Ideas: Easter This Easter theme article forms part of series that explores different themes. This series is designed to...

Student Art Installation

The great thing about some of these art installation ideas is that they can be ever changing, meaning you can add to the more permanent installations each year.

Fun Bell Friday – a wacky fundraising idea for your school

Fun Bell Friday Fun Bell Friday is a great activity for schools or sporting clubs that have a common full-time bell...

Running a Silent Disco

A Silent Disco equals, a school disco without the headache!

P&C President – An Interview

Finding volunteers for any school fundraising effort can be quite a challenge. Although most parents would love to help out and contribute to improving their children’s school, the pressures and stresses of modern life mean that many feel they simply don’t have the time.

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