These useful articles and downloads will help with your fundraising planning. For a comprehensive step-by-step practical guide to coming up with a strategy for your group, check out the Practical Fundraising Handbook for School and Club Volunteers.

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2017 Fundraising Plan Of Attack

The more organised committees around Australia are already starting work on their fundraising plan for 2016.

Communicating effectively with the school community

By Alexandria Utting Do you know exactly what your school’s P&C Committee does? Chances are you probably don’t says Marie-Claire...

How to Engage New Volunteers

I am a huge advocate of volunteering as a pathway to connecting with the people around you. As a big picture, it’s about community-building. On a personal level, it’s about making connections and friends. It’s about belonging. Some call it ‘friend-raising’ rather than fundraising.

Setting Expectations – at the beginning of the year

Setting Expectations - at the beginning of the year. Now’s the time to ramp up the ‘A’ factor in your SMART fundraising goals and let others know what’s in store for the year.

Fundraising Liquor Licensing in South Australia

Whether you're serving pinot noir as part of a sit-down dinner, or selling stubbies at a BBQ, alcohol can be a pretty effective fundraiser.

Fundraising Liquor Licensing Tasmania

A special permit may be the way to go for fundraising events with alcohol in Tasmania.

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