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Tombola Stall

Tombola stalls can provide you with big profits and often for very little outlay. They can even be a drawcard for your next fundraising event (which doesn't have to be a fete) because they can be run in conjunction with most fundraising events where you will have a crowd on hand. But lets start at the beginning.

Teacher in Jail Fundraiser

Teacher in Jail Fundraiser By the end of each school term, everybody is just keeping it together until it’s time...

Volunteer Stories – Hobby Horse Fundraiser

Volunteer Stories – Hobby Horse Fundraiser This ‘Hobby Horse Steeplechase’ idea was submitted by Mary from St Pius X Primary...

Pet Fundraiser – How to involve pets in fundraising

Pet Fundraiser Animals are always popular at an event, but some venues are not always able to accommodate them or...

Real estate agents – a fundraisers best friend?

Fundraising Sponsorship: Real Estate Agents Is it possible that the world’s least favourite profession could be a fundraisers best friend?...

Cake Stall Ideas

Bake Stalls, Cake Stalls, whatever you call them, are a popular fete staple.  They are often a good fundraiser too,...

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