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Cake Stall Ideas

Bake Stalls, Cake Stalls, whatever you call them, are a popular fete staple.  They are often a good fundraiser too,...

Hosting a Fireworks Night Fundraiser

Fireworks Fundraiser Autumn and Spring provide an ideal opportunity to host a fireworks night. A standalone fireworks evening can be quite a...

Food safety for fundraising events

How to label and provide information about food sold at fundraising events.

Countdown to Build Momentum

Countdown to Build Momentum Counting down to a fundraising event is a great way to build momentum and interest. This...

Brains Trust – Creative Ideas for Fetes

Creative Ideas for Fetes. Make a Brains Trust. We absolutely do NOT want to be wasting the big brains of amazing people!

Fete Visitor Checklist

A fete visitor checklist could really help engage your valuable guests. This is an idea that doesn’t cost a lot of money, so strap yourselves in people!!!

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