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Finding Volunteers

Who out there is in need of more volunteers?

Position Vacant: ‘Thank You Sergeant’

Keep your volunteers with a 'Thank You Sergeant' - the person responsible for showing how much your organisation appreciates its people.

You’re Our Voice – Value of Volunteering

When are you going to start doing some real work? I know I’m guilty of it. When people ask me...

Back to School Series – Part 3 First Day of School

The first day of school Whether you’re a first timer or you’ve done it all before, the first day of...

Fundraising Tip – Fashion Swap

The concept of a 'Fashion Swap' is ideal for smaller groups such as kindergartens or school subcommittees or class groups, but can also be scaled up for larger groups like schools.

Back to School Series – Part 2 School Welcome Pack

School Welcome Pack Knowing that you don’t want to overload families with too much information, we’re going to look at presentation...